A Cinco de May Potluck


If you’ve been checking your calendar you may be as surprised as I am that it’s almost May. Freakin MAY.  What the heck?!  Twenty-16 is flying by as quick as a flea.

With May comes many things. May Day. Mother’s Day.  Tulips.  Late spring.  Margaritas.

Yup, as May starts, so is Cinco de Mayo once upon us again.  

I go through weeks where it’s like Cinco de Mayo all the time in Apt 2RB. Mexican food is the one cuisine of which I never tire, and which I never really have to be in the mood to eat because, really,  I’m always in the mood to shove some tacos in my face.

Last year, the people at work and I decided to throw a potluck for May 5th, and it was such a success that it snowballed into a quarterly event. For Mardi Gras fun, check it here.

To help you duplicate our duplicate-worthy efforts, I’ve combined a list of must-haves to make your Cinco party muy bueno.  Different strokes for different folks, this sign up sheet accommodates the at-home cooks and the at-store buyers.  Win-win for all.

We’re building a taco bar because that’s the most fun way.  Here we go.



Protein keeps us full…take your pick:

Beef | Fish | Pork | Chicken|  Duck

Options for the non-taco luvas:

Quesadillas (maybe these? or these?) | Empanadas | Soup (this one‘s a winner) | Tamales


Guacamole, obviously.  Let’s mix it up.

Standard |  Pineapple-Black bean | Blueberry Walnut | 


Because it’s a  taco bar, we need the basics:

Shredded lettuce | Shredded Cheese| Salsa Fresca | Diced Onion | Diced Tomato

Sour Cream | Pico de Gallo | Avocados | Tortilla Chips | Hard/Soft Taco Shells

If we’e feeling fancy, some fancy sides:

Frijoles Borrachos | Tequila Caramelized Onions | Roasted Tomatillo Salsa |

Ancho Chile Salad Dressing | Adobo Sauce


And finally, sweets, but perhaps a little spice 

Hot Chocolate Cupcakes |  Dulce de Leche Brownies | Raspberry Chocolate Empanadas |

Tres Leches | Flan | Cookies (fancy or classic)


And finally, don’t forget something to drink:

Pop | Jarritos | Margaritas (this, this or this)

Like this list?  

Print it here.

Don’t forget to enter the cookie giveaway!!!

Written during the storm.

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