Sunday Somethings


Hello, Sunday.

“Summers are meant for standing around in crowds and sweating.”

Those words I mumbled under my breath after standing in the 95F heat yesterday watching the America’s Cup.  Don’t get me wrong, it was fun and interesting, but those of you that know me know that my heat threshold goes up to 80F.  Yesterday was way out of my comfort zone. Like, WAY. 

Much of the same today, but with 20 degrees less, and hopefully just a tad more wind. Go Team USA!

Let’s talk about things that are not politics or the Stanford swimmer case because we all know that no good can come of either of those discussions.  Let’s think happier, or at least other thoughts: 

You all know I’m obsessed with DWTS and while it was a close race between Bindi Irwin and Nick Carter last season, Bindi deservingly won it all. Seems she continues to be sweetly cheeky.

Being a girl is hard.

No one had to tell this girl to beat to her own drum, and she’s the most awesome for it.

Mom, I’m fine. Anyone who has ever left home to spread his or her wings knows that this phrase is uttered often and sometimes with attitude. This kid wins the award for the best way to ease his mom’s worry, and maybe give her a heart attack along the way.

Consent, explained in Britspeak.

I love maps and used them long after they stopped being cool, or replace by Google maps.  I also keep those from trips past, and here’s why.

Science, ya’ll, is amazing.  Man lives 555 days without a heart and is around to tell the tale.

Ok, Oprah. Your move.

Reason 2,058 why dating today can be the worst.

This is amazing, and worth the whole watch. We really are all just one big family, so let’s treat each other that way!

Now let’s all grab some sangria and get to that porch sittin’.

Have a great week!

Written once the sweat was gone.

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