How to Throw a Picnic, the FancyPants Way


A picnic today because it’s summer and that is what we should all be doing, at least once this season. Outside weather permitting or inside on the floor, it’s a good idea anytime the stove needs to stay off.

This takes us to Geneva, which unfortunately for my quartet does not have the happiest of memories…


Left Paris early (waking up way too early, because, cheap flights and all) and therefore arrived in Geneva just the same, before our hostel was ready or much was really open. Only a few items to check of the ever-present “to-see” list- namely the UN and Geneva’s famous flower clock– we went to work, and our exhaustion only grew, and was worsened by my apparent drill sergeant ways as I forced everyone to walk 1000 miles around the lake to see the flower clock. Which, isn’t really a flower clock. More like a grass clock.


Anyway, unhappy campers all and me demoted from tour guide after the flower clock incident, we checked into our hostel for sleep and laundry.  When we went to seek out food, the best we could do was some overpriced Burger King.

Geneva, get me outta here.  We felt like this.


Time heal all wounds, and I only hear about the Geneva flower clock incident twice a year or so.  Not bad for eleven years later.

 Lettuce, Yam and I are thinking about a WEJ (weekend European jaunt) for later this fall possibly around that area, so maybe Yam and I will have new memories to cover the old, somewhat scarred ones.  It’s all laughable now (sort of).  Whereever we go, a picnic is in order.

So we’re building one, French-Swiss style, with elements of each:

PicMonkey CollageIMG_1114IMG_1109

A baguette or two, obviously. 

A few cheeses: in this basket we have blue, goat and raclette.

Some sweet to complement: jam and/or honey

Some protein: procuitto and pate

Some fruit:  it’s berry season! Plus, grapes, the most portable picnic food.

Some veg, if you choose. Maybe a brussels sprout salad.

Pickles or olives for some brine.

Finally, can’t forget the sweets:  graham crackers or biscuits, chocolate covered sea salt almonds and the quintessential Swiss milk chocolate bar.

And obviously wine. Or champagne. Or both. Red and white.  

Good reads and good friends.

IMG_1099IMG_1108PicMonkey Collage2

Our picnic is complete! Now, who’s bringing what?

Written after what was definitely a Monday.

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  1. (oh hi, i’m a million days late) I LOVE PICNICS! In MT we picked up hot bar and ate it in front of a lake watching the sunset; we’ve done take away gourmet pizza and outdoor movies. But snackable foods, sunshine, friends, and a lazy afternoon is pretty much perfection.

    • Ha. It happens. I agree, but for me the weather needs to be perfect. Too hot and I’m a beast. Too muggy and I just want to be inside. But I don’t frown on indoor picnics at all!

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