Sunday Somethings

Hello, Sunday.

This week. What happened this week?  Work, things…I don’t know. The past three weekends have been a slurry of activity, all of which included sweating profusely under scorching sun, and I’m excited to sit today and just take a deep, air-conditioned breath.


The picture above comes from yesterday, when a couple of my friends and I volunteered with Chicago Cares. We went to an elementary school and painted this world map in the courtyard of the kindergarten classroom, and if I say so myself, we did a great job.  Plus, lots of fun times.

How was your week?  I hope you, too, get to take a deep ahhh breath today. It’s Sunday and we’ve earned it.

The news.  For better or worse, this is what entertained me.

Brexit. It happened. And it turns out a lot of people didn’t know what they voted for (before we get all judg-y, let’s see what our google searches look like on November 5th).

Related:  The comedians will have their fun.

Despite the darkness in Orlando, lights do continue to shine.

Oh dear, as one who cuts her hair twice year, this is ridiculous.  Mom hair. It’s a thing. Apparently, a bad thing.

Happy tears.  Sunday’s requisite animal video.

#NoWomanEver.  Hilarious, so and so sadly #truestory.

Science, ya’ll.  The Walking Dead? Not quite, but it seems that when we die, not all of us does.

Horror, horror.

This makes me so sad.  From bomb scares to mass shootings. Today’s new unfortunate reality.

Need some inspiration for next weekend’s festivities?  Here are a few ideas.

Now on my wish list?  This scarf.  P&P, obviously.

And finally, I’ll admit that I had the MMMBop single (who’s with me?), so I love this doo-wop version.  More songs should be doo-wopped.

Have a great week!

Written after some sleeping in.

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  1. I love the map; you ladies did an excellent job!
    Yes to doo-wop! 5 songs from one of my favourite albums was released in an acoustic LP and let’s just say, if it were a cassette I would have worn out the ribbon.

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