Sunday Somethings


Hello, Sunday.

Just when we thought this week might be better than last, Nice and then Turkey had to go and happen.  And of course, this election season is still hanging over all our heads, and being shoved in all of our faces. Make it stop! Make it all stop!

Weekending over here has been pretty busy, but the thunderstorms predicted for my hometown today may have forced a slow down a bit. I hope it clears up; there is BBQ out there with my name on it, waiting to be eaten.

The week got away from me a bit since I was fighting off…something…earlier this week but we all get by with a little help from my friends, and some interesting things they found to read. Here they are:

Can you find this lady’s phone? I cheated and asked Yam, because she’s got more patience than I.

Necessity is the mother of invention. Enter SheepCam.

Why do we in this country make nursing new babies so hard??

Rather than some notional idea of perfect complementarity, it is the capacity to tolerate differences with generosity that is the true marker of the “not overly wrong” person. Why we all marry the wrong person.

#BlackLivesMatter. Another side of that story.

In a time of so much pain, let’s be good to ourselves and allow ourselves to grieve properly and check our expectations.

Genius parents.  #Potterhead4EvR

This land is your land, this land is my land. Remember that, GOP.

Brit-Brit released a new song.  ICYMI.  #1Fan

After so many years of forcing my achy body through killer workouts, this doesn’t surprise me in the least.  Science says, chill out a bit.

Jennifer Aniston, you go girl

All of these summer desserts though…

Fried chicken has been on my radar lately. Someone come make me this? TIA.

And finally, because we should start the week with good feels, Success for Fred.

Let’s all have a great week!

Written afters one rained-out tennis.


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