Sunday Somethings


Hello, Sunday.

As I sit over breakfast this morning, I can’t even remember what happened this week; perhaps a sign of aging, or preoccupation, but I do know the Olympics are under way and that’s all I need to know.  I love the Olympics, summer far more than winter, and I can’t wait to watch the best of the best for the next three weeks. The games and its athletes have always captured my awe and respect and I think in this world of participation trophies and false praises, they truly deserve all the hoopla aimed at them.

So let’s go, Team USA!

I’ve also found myself a new series to binge on:  Murdoch Mysteries. Think Bones ala Victorian age Toronto.  I can’t stop watching.

Finally, it’s birthday week and as I look down the tunnel with 35 at the end of it, I’m looking forward to sharing a few favorites over the week.  Biscuit and I were in deep discussion about the first, and Mom gets all the credit for making the second.

Let’s see if my somethings can help fill some holes into this week’s events: 

THIS is why the Olympics are great. Cue the tears.

Related: The US swim team is at it again. After being my favorites back in London with Call Me Maybe, they now show us how to Party in the USA (FF to the end).

Related, too:  Swimming for her life.  Can any of us even fathom doing anything close to this?

Let’s make an effort to stop dressing like crap, shall we?  I’m sure no where else in the world does athletic wear constitute an appropriate non-gym outfit.

I think we can all afford $30 a year for paid parental leave. Don’t you?

This makes some sense, because all my single ladies are quite happy!

Chicago for barbecue?  I can vouch that it’s pretty damn good here in the middle.

Environmentalism was a central point of the opening ceremony, and rightly so. Here’s how Mexico City is doing its part.

Let’s eat all the fried things!

And finally, man’s best friend. If you can find anyone or anything that will run 150 miles with you, you don’t let that friend go.

That’s all folks. Have a good week!

Written over coffee, coffee, coffee!


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Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

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Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

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