Treasure Island Ice Cream Cake

Treasure Island Ice Cream Cake


Different flavored ice cream is layered together with crushed cookies, nuts and candy bars, and frozen solid into this Monster Treasure Island  Ice Cream Cake. 

How ‘bout them Olympics, yah?  Good stuff! Needless to say, my attention has been grabbed.

But on to today’s delight.

To me, a birthday wouldn’t be a birthday unless some version of an ice cream cake is involved. Growing up in the hot hot hot of Florida, four times a year, once for each of our birthdays, a Carvel ice cream cake made an appearance in our house (at least four, special occasions added a few more).  In an ideal world we’d have one for each season, but in our household we had two summer babies and two winter ones, so our ice cream cakes were concentrated when its sweet relief was needed most, and least.

Once we moved out of Florida, we had trouble tracking a Carvel down and dissatisfied with other options, Mom started making her own ice cream cakes, flavor dependent on the recipient.  And whatever Mom does, Mom does well.

This version of the ice cream cake is her most recent incarnation.  I like to call it Mom’s Monster Tresure Island Ice Cream Cake, and when you see the ingredients, you’ll understand why.

One year, I distinctly remember for the Big Buddha’s birthday we had not the traditional Carvel cake (vanilla ice cream on top, chocolate on the bottom, chocolate crunchies in the middle), but rather special ordered what I think was known as a treasure island cake.  As I understand it, this sort of cake came about by throwing all the week’s leftover ice cream flavors into one hodgepodge of a cake and a led to a different flavor in every bite.  I don’t recall particularly liking this cake at the time, but since its reappearance into our lives courtesy of Mom,  and my ever maturing taste buds, I actually ask for it when I go home. In fact, I have this cake to thank for me falling off that dairy-free wagon a few years ago.  And it was so worth it.


It goes like this:   Crushed up Oreos make up a loose, butterless crust pressed into a lined springform pan.  Five or so flavors are scooped and alternated around in three layers, those layers divided by crushed candy bars and nuts, only the favorites (usually Kit Kats, Butterfinger, Reese’s and Coffee Crisp).  As for those flavors, they change, depending on the mood.  Usually a coffee, usually a black cherry. Moose tracks. Chocolate chip.  Peanut butter and the occasional chocolate or coconut.  Whatever the combination, always amazing.  The last layer is a final one of  more Oreos, and the whole thing is pressed tight and flat and frozen until solid. If you’re feeling pretty, cover the whole thing with whipped cream. If not, keep it naked and let those colors peek through.  The latter is what we’ve got today.

Recipe note:

You will have leftover ice cream after this is assembled.  A pint wouldn’t be enough of each flavor so you’re stuck buying the whole carton. I can’t see why you’d be mad about it.

Mom's Monster Treasure Island Ice Cream Cake
Different flavored ice cream is layered together with crushed cookies, nuts and candy bars, and frozen solid into this Monster Treasure Island Ice Cream Cake.
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  1. 1 package chocolate sandwich cookies, crushed
  2. 1 carton black cherry ice cream
  3. 1 carton coffee ice cream
  4. 1 carton coconut chip ice cream
  5. 1 carton peanut butter ice cream
  6. 1 carton Moose Tracks ice cream
  7. ½ cup crushed Butterfingers
  8. ½ cup crushed almonds
  9. ½ cup crushed Kit Kats
  10. ½ cup crushed Coffee Crisp
  1. In an round 10” springform pan lined with plastic wrap (with amble hanging over the side), add half of the crushed cookies. In a concentric circles, alternate the scoops of all the ice cream. Sprinkle ½ of each of the nuts and candy over the first layer. Add another layer of ice cream and top with remaining candy. Add a third layer of ice cream and top the whole thing with remaining cookies. Push flat using a dinner plate and fold over the hanging plastic wrap. Freeze until completely solid, about 6 hours or overnight.
  2. Remove from freezer about 20 minutes before serving. Invert on a plate and remove the springform and cut into slices.
The Hungary Buddha Eats the World

Written after a long, long day.

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