Sunday Somethings


Hello, Sunday.

In case you’re wondering, that’s Luke Bryan’s bum. And such a nice bum it is.  Tomato and I danced last night away at Wrigley for his Kill the Lights tour.  Despite the fact that we live in the same city, Tomato and I don’t hang out all that much but when we do, we have quite the adventures and awesome ones at that. #adventuresofpotatoeandike

I’m less than one week away from being #onaboat, and with an almost two week vacation looming out there, my to-do list is chock full, but unfortunately it’s filled with those things that just can’t be done until somewhat last minute. I’d like to pack ahead of time, but I know that Crawley will freak out once my suitcase appears, so I’m delaying that as much as I can. Then, why clean anything when I have to live my somewhat untidy life for the next four days?

So here I sit mostly twiddling my thumbs until the inevitable rushing around the day before.

As for the interwebs, here’s what caught my eye:

Mom always said that it pays to be a good person.  Fallen Olympic runners earn special sportsmanship award. Much deserved!

The human side of cancer treatment.  As the child of a nurse, I can provide a lifetime of examples of how the job is more than what happens in the OR.

A court overturns a burkina ban, but not its mindset.  Can this mindset ever be turned?

Giant rodents are no longer limited to the tales of the TMNTs.  Florida, still keeping it weird.

Another horrible example of how the law is making sexual assault acceptable.

Cuteness alert.  A hamster with a broken arm. You’re welcome.

In defense of leisure. I’m a big fan, let’s bring it back!

Cue the tears. The everyday goodbye.

We’re coming up on Netflix season. Here’s what’s new to watch.

I remember spending hours toiling over busywork homework each night as a kid when I’d have benefited much more from doing anything else. One teacher agrees, and is doing something about it.

Brit-Brit, and carpool karaoke.

And finally, someone come over and make me this for breakfast or dinner, k?

Written with tea in hand.


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Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

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Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Somethings”

  • leisure time is pretty much my favourite and tops the “reasons why I don’t want kids” list. I have 4 books out from the libs and they surely won’t read themselves #endofsummerpatiohangs

    The photo of the couple saying goodbye is so sweet and so sad. My adopted Oma and Opa were very similar; so very in love after 60+ years of marriage and then he had to go to a home because of advanced dementia and she took 2 buses to visit him every other day into her 90s. They were the most wonderful people in my life – true love exists.

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