Sunday Somethings

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Hello, Sunday.

It was a short week, full of things to do before we set sail yesterday.  Still, the internet managed to capture my attention in a few ways, though admittedly in the most frivolous of sorts. I apologize, but really couldn’t we all use a bit of frivolity in these dark times?

Also, happy long weekend! May you not labor in celebration.

Thursday was the first time I had to leave my cat-child for such a long time, and we were admittedly both heartbroken a little (how sad is the above picture?!). I feel comfortable knowing that he’s in good hands while I’m gone, but he probably thinks I’m never coming back.  Rambling, sorry, but this, on the importance of cats (one in particular).

Thank you, Mr. Wilder, for taking us into a world of true imagination

Looking for places to add to your travel list AND be scared? For those with thicker skin than I, check these out. Creepy…

Sexual assault on airplanes happens, and no one knows what to do about it.  Horrible, right?

Licorice is a big fan of underwater spin class (which I have yet to find in Chicago), so I believe this workout would be awesome, and I want in.

After visiting Iceland last year, I realized it really a place all it’s own and it was hard to compare it to anywhere else I’ve been. Seems its singularity is in more ways that one.

Tailgating this weekend (yay football!)?  Here are some ideas

And finally, thanks to Blueberry for saving dinner on Wednesday!

Okay, I must vacation now (and you can join me on Instagram at #KlondikeBARua and #adventuresoftheHB).

Written in some down time.

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Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

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Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

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