Sunday Somethings

Since I thank the Lord haven’t been chained to my desk this week, I have no internet musings to share. Therefore, this post is all about me and what’s passing in between my ears through my brain. Taking a page out of Biscuit’s book, here we go:
crushing: the pun-ny pictures

reading: Past Imperfect, by Julian Fellows

waiting: for all the fall foods

spying: outside our window at beautiful Vancouver!

liking: my new skinny jeans 

wondering: what this season will bring

loving: the PNW

needing: to see Crawley 

smelling: currently,  delicious Korean food

wearing: skinnies and long sleeves, plus the boat shoes. Uniform of the week.

knowing: more about Alaska than a week ago

watching: sunsets

listening: to the hits of the 70s, 80s and 90s (road tripping with Mom)

noticing: all the different people

thinking: about the future

giggling: about cruise time Chinese takeover incidents

wishing: i didn’t have to go back home

feeling: like myself again. 

Written while waiting for dinner,  smelling the aforementioned Korean food.

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