Eat the World: Vancouver

Eat the World: Vancouver


Vancouver, I’ve got a crush on you.

I wanted to write a comprehensive Eat the World, See the World per usual after a trip, but the truth is that Mom and I were only there as a stopover- a mere two days plus a few hours, a scant amount of time that we filled with little besides eating and getting horribly turned around in Stanley Park.

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That is my one thing to do for sure: Stanley Park.  We may have gotten lost, but I recommend you do the same. No where in either my or mom’s home surrounds affords us such an opportunity to get really stuck in nature.  We meandered through the 1000+ acre park, trying to stay on some sort of path, finally finding the sea wall and following that path all the way around to my first maple walnut ice cream cone, a little seaside shack, some swings and a plate of fish and chips.

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On that note, I have nothing else to say on the “see the world” matter that doesn’t veer from the hop on, hop off tour.  On the other hand, before I left, I got loads of suggestions on where I needed to eat.  While that list was quite comprehensive on its own, a chance meeting with an over-enthusiastic waiter send me and mom on a restaurant goose chase of sorts, failing spectacularly, but giving us many a choice for our next time. And a next time there will certainly be.

So here’s a great list of where to eat the world in Vancouver, courtesy of a few of my friends and the friendliest Vancouverite (?) we met on our way. So, thank you Andrew (you can find him behind the bar at Milestones in Yaletown).


Mom’s pick: Cora’s.  The “side of fruit” was the biggest I’ve ever seen in history, and boasted lots of berries, little melon, and reinforced the healthy lifestyle feeling so present in the area.

My pick:  Forage.  The peach jam! And probably the prettiest omelet I’ve eaten of late.

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Andrew’s pick:  Medina.  Andrew said that this was the best brunch in the city. We looked at the menu and couldn’t disagree (they had cassoulet! My love!) but we opted to save room for a solid 2 more squares that day and were afraid eating here wouldn’t give us any extra stomach space to spare.

If you’re in Yaletown…

The Flying Pig:  a local favorite that showed up on more than one list for a tasty and cheap ‘appy hour.  Locations around the city.

Blue Water Cafe:  hailed by more than one friend as having the best seafood in town.  Insider tip: eat at the bar for a more casual, less snooty experience.

If you’re in Gastown…

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Water Street Cafe

Chill Winston

Timbertrain:  we stopped in here for a delicious and much needed jolt and ended up having the most charming conversation with the nicest local.  Friends!

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If you’re on the North Side…

Mika: head here for the best sushi!



Canada Place

Meat & Bread Co.


If you’re on Granville Island…


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Edible Canada

Sandbar:  you must get the wok fried squid. Must!

Bridges:  quite the most excellent view

For the Vegetarians…

Naam: from Andrew, there WILL Be a line. Any time of the day.  That’s a good sign, methinks


Meet on Main


Vij Rangoli

A little off the grid…



Commercial Street, in general for a taste of Little Italy (my cannoli-loving heart was sad we didn’t make it out there)

Bao Bei:  if you’re in Chinatown


For the best view in the city…

Mahoney & Sons 

And last but not least, for the dessert and the best ice cream ever…

Thomas Haas

Earnest:  while standing in line for 30 minutes (worth it), not one person-not one- had their phone out (except me, for a second and I immediately felt bad).  Then, when I went to take this picture, no one else was with me, and I got some strange looks.  I felt like such a weirdo! At Jeni’s here in Chicago, there is a line of people waiting to use the nearest wall. Anyway, let’s try to be more like Canada and put our phones away.

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So there you have it! As you can see, our list was quite long, and there were only two of us to tackle it. We did our best, but when we fail, we must try and try again.  Hopefully, soon.

Like I’ve said before, any time I go somewhere, I eat where people tell me to eat.  As if I know better? In the grand scheme of a city’s restaurant directory, my choices may not be the most fancy or hip, but that doesn’t make the food any less delicious. Good food is good food and it really is as simple as that.

What’s your favorite Vancouver eat?  


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  • Haha, Laura and I got lost in Stanley Park, too.
    So happy you had a great time! And obvs that you got to experience Earnest. And we have the same wall photo, you were probably just with a bunch of locals that already have the photo.

  • I live in Vancouver so it was fun to read your list! So many yummy eats. Forage is one of my favourite places for brunch too… mainly because of the homemade jam, baked goods, and the homemade nut milk they give you for coffee! Medina is also good, just not always worth waiting 1+ hours.

    Glad you had a good visit! 4 years later… I am still getting lost in Stanley Park and just did yesterday 😉

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