Sunday Somethings

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Hello, Sunday.

How’s it going out there, world?  This weekend has been a good mix of nothings and somethings.  I did some sitting, some Oktoberfesting, some housewarming, some cooking and some laughing. And some snuggling with my furry friend, dare I say the best part.  I hope you did some of the same, because good times with great friends is what it’s all about. 

I read some somethings, and thought you’d like to read them, too.

Our country remains a nation of immigrants because that’s how it started.  Here they are, in technicolor.

White privilege, succinctly and eloquently explained.  READ IT.

Thank you for being a friend! And thank you for making the Golden Girls into puppets!

I’m trying not to judge, but I’m totally judging.  Man buy plane ticket for creepy doll and, thank you technology, someone tweeted the whole thing.

You can’t be too young to enjoy the benefits of mindfulness and meditation and here’s proof.

Wanna be a career hermit? Apparently this Swiss town staffs one as a paid position.  Ahh, world oddities.

We knew this was coming:  Baby born with 3 people’s DNA.  Really, are you surprised?

Really?  Teen accused of stealing milk at school set to stand trial. REALLY?

Sometimes heroism is exhibited in those from whom we least expect it.

Sometimes I turn on the news and think that everything is horrible, everywhere.  We all need a feel good story, don’t we now?  This give us all the good feels.

And finally, genius, 21 ways.

Have a good week!



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