Sunday Somethings


Hello, Sunday.

Well vacation’s over and I”m back at it hard until Christmas. The snow is falling (and will keep falling for the next 100 years, apparently) and The Sound of Music is on the telly. I was going to watch The Holiday but something about me just wanted to be one with Maria.  Kate Winslet will no doubt happen later tonight, but I’m enjoying Captain Von Trapp very much.

Did I ever tell you that I have a major girl crush on Kate Winslet? 

I hope your holidays, whatever you celebrate are underway and the season is bringing to you some joy. After the doozy of 2016 we’ve all endured, the last few weeks are really a time to hoot and holler.

The internet?  Well, I’ve got some of that.

Smiles.  This guy danced with a bunch of random people to make the best dance video ever.

Wine. Brings out the best in us all.

Paris makes all public transport free to combat the smog problem. I’m not sure this would work in Chicago, but here’s to trying. #SavethePlanet

The perfect Christmas ad. No, really. Watch it all.

This is a little late, but this tribute to the Brazilian soccer players is the best.

Girl power. #Badass.

Men vs. Women.  Yup.

See the world in 119 days? I’m in, as long as I can bring my furry housemate. He’ll hate it.

Santa is an idea, the best kind of idea, and he should come in any damn color he wants.

And finally, a reminder to pay it forward.

Have a great week!

During do-re-mi.

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  1. Oh, Captain Von Trapp. Once you get past the whistle and dominant, controlling behaviour he was a total babe.
    Kate is the absolute best; she’s always been amazing but loved her even more when she was one of the first women to speak out against having her body photoshopped in magazines.

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