Sunday Somethings 

Sunday Somethings 

Hello, Sunday. Hello, 2017!

New year, thank goodness.  While 2016 was seemingly horrible to the collective, I can’t say it was all that bad for me.  Most of it was business as usual, though I did add a furry friend to my household, and Crawley alone has made the year memorable and worthwhile. 

Those of you that know me know that I don’t do resolutions.   Rather, I choose a word that I hope will guide my thoughts and actions through the year and, if all goes well, make me a better person by the year’s end.

Last year my word was balanced, as in,”self! Don’t run yourself ragged thinking that you have to do everything!”  I set out to fix my FOMO and live a less hurried life.  Looking back, I can say that I was doing really well!…

Until around November.  Since my trip to D.C., it’s been a non-stop flurry of this and that.  Overall, a B- on the balance. Not great for my A student ego.

This year, my chosen word is FORWARD.  I’ve felt sort of stuck for the past few years, a feeling I alluded to earlier this year. Same job, same apartment, same status.  Same.  As 2017 sets off, I hope to propel myself forward, to be brave and take some chances and hopefully in a year’s time I’ll enter 2018 feeling more enthused than my current lackluster attitude with the status quo. Forward may mean some big changes, and I’ve already got a few brewing up my sleeve, but you know? I’m ready.

Let’s do it.

What would your word for 2017 be?

Written whilst waiting to fly, fly home,  sitting at gate 82.

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