Eat the World: Montréal

Well, it’s January and we’re all back at it. Of course I’m suffering from the post-holiday January chest cold and have been settling back into real life in a bit of a miserable state.  However, rather than play the “woe is me, pity me I’m sick and alone” game, I prefer to reflect on happier times, and most recently that was my little New Years’ jaunt to Montréal.

Yup, Montréal in January.  I’m brilliant.  While most head south to warmer places, Mushroom and I decided to leave the cold to visit more cold.  We figured we’re from Chicago, are used to sub-comfortable temps and have the gear to be well-equipped for warmth.

Despite being dressed to impress, the weather did play a big part in us not walking around all that much in Montréal, as did the blizzard-like conditions in Québec City.  As such, I don’t have much to share on what to see in either Montréal or QC, but I have loads of recommendations on what to eat, so here we go there.  Some are ours, some are others’.  All are trustworthy.

Starting in Montréal…

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  1. What is that dessert with sliced apples on top? All the food shots and descriptions sound awesome! We are planning a trip there next early fall! I will be sure to print out your list!

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