Sunday Somethings

Hello, Sunday.

What a week! It seemed like I was go-go-going, all while suffering through a monster cold and all the cold outside.  The dust has settled and I’m ready for January to plod along at a more normal pace, so here’s hoping for that.  

I hope  that  your January is off to a great start, that your  resolutions and/or good 2017  vibes are still in tact and that you’re not too sad the holidays are over. Last night I secured the last bottle of egg nog from the market so that mine lasts just a wee bit longer.

I read some things this week (and last), and here they  are for you:

The snow up here becomes so ordinary that we adults often forget that it used to be fun. Thanks to Georgia State for the reminder.

The truth about vanity sizing. My Gap jeans, size 6, are proof of this because in no other life do I wear a size 6.

The Unsung Hero in the fight for  interracial marriage. I haven’t seen Loving yet (have you?), but it’s on my list since I myself am the result of an interracial marriage.

A restaurant that serves only grandma food? I’m in! Grandma food is the best! 

I was a horrible standardized test taker as a kid, and this makes me hate them retroactively even more.

Daily reminder to be kind.  Blind man puts camera on guide dog to document abuse.

Digital addiction. Is it like heroin?  Science thinks so.

Any interesting look at the science of fat.

Do you waste your free time?  We all do it to an extent, but here’s how NOT to!

My mom’s going to live forever. Yay!

And finally, have you seen the new Beauty & the Beast trailer? You’re welcome.

Have a great week!

Written after crabby eggs, but before fancy tea.



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