Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

Hello, Sunday.

Hello you!  I hope that you’re long enjoying your weekend, if applicable. It’s a long one for me, and I feel like I just need it, which is silly since two weeks ago I was still on Christmas holiday in Montreal.  Work-life isn’t that hard, but how nice would it be if we had a long weekend every two weeks? I’d work a little harder on the reg if I could make that happen.

We’ve got a bit of a reprieve from Old Man Winter here (as in 30s/40s, not 00s) so I may do some wanderin’ and likely some cooking because one has to eat. What should I make? Totally open to all your ideas.

Unrelated, but today would have been y dad’s 77th birthday, so I aim to have some peanut butter cookies or vanilla ice cream topped with Oh’s cereal in his honor.

I’ve still be adopting my vacation resolution to stay off the internet, but I did manage to peek at a few things. Here you go:

Dancers practicing in the streets of NYC is amazing.  Sometimes when Tomato and I are on vacation we strike various poses in an attempt to be graceful looking, but we do NOT look like this.

Break free.  Gosh, I love commercials and this one by a German student is all sorts of inspiring.

Do you ever watch the Food Network at the gym? It’s like the carrot and the hamster wheel, but less satisfying at the end. This London pop up makes that post-workout burger a reality. 

Science, ya’ll.  Vaccines save lives, period, and here we see the positive snowball effect of the measles vaccine.  

The hermit who inadvertently shaped climate change science.  Mountain man saves the day!

Ever been on a bad date?  Like, a seemingly dangerous bad date? Ordering this Angel Shot could save your life, but hopefully you’ll never need it.

The reporter who broke the news about the start of WWII has died. Extraordinary life.

Man’s best friend, no doubt.

Do you ever watch Blackish? It’s really so smart, and this is making me want to tune into Hulu this weekend.  A lesson for all of us.

Related: Goodbye, Obamas. In photos.

And finally, this school district had the best responses when people tweeted pleas to cancel school.

Have a good week!

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Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

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Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

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