Monday Musings

Monday Musings

Hello, Monday.

Yup, the clock struck midnight, I lost my glass slipper, the pumpkin and mice changed back, Sunday rolled into Monday and Somethings became Musings. Then, what seemed like such a short amount of time later,  the clock struck 7:15, Crawley went “scratch, scratch, scratch” on the sheets (evidenced by an ever growing hole), the work day began and so here we are Monday night with lots of things to say.

The past week was fine. Mom came to help me pack* this weekend but since I hurt my back (in)conveniently right at the start, she ended up doing so much work herself. So much work. I owe her a fancy dinner.  She’s back working now because she hates retirement and leisure, not reading this, so if you don’t say anything, it’ll be a a nice surprise.  Back still hurts, which sucks, but, silver lining!, means ice cream for dinner because hey, I’m sick and that’s what we do around here when we’re sick.  I get ice cream, Crawley gets cream and we both gain a few pounds.  

While I was feeling overwhelmed and achy, the world went on. We got a new POTUS (who will, I’m pretty sure never live up to the best POTUS, Jed Bartlett (WW4EvR)), we marched with pride and all hoped and prayed for the best.  This is what I saw that the internet had to say about that (actually, mostly not that, which, you’re welcome):

Notes about the new POTUS. Off to a smashingly horrible start, wouldn’t you say?

There’s an all-avocado restaurant opening in Amsterdam next month. Cue the instagram shots! In the meantime, take a bite out of these.  Also, I might be spending a few days in Amsterdam come April, so maybe stay tuned for the insta shots.

OMG. Alligators are real, real-life animals and can run like, really fast on land. Faster than you and me! Combined! Why they these people so close?!?  Darwin awards.

When the women go march…honestly,  I know a lot of men who certainly pull their weight and while I’m sure this was true, it certainly wasn’t for all.

Related: While I was on my back and couldn’t march, I was there with my fellows in spirit. Bravo to those that went out and did, whatever your motivation.

“Oh, shoot, I’m out of [XYZ].”  Food52 saves us with these kitchen swaps.

Remember this. I did and will be sure to never forget for so long again.

And finally, with this, see post script below.

P.S.*:  oh hey, I’m moving. From Chicago. New job, big life changes. I’m not ready to talk about it yet, but there we go there then. More on that obviously later when I stop crying sad tears and start crying more happy, excited tears.  Hence for now, the post script.

Written in the middle of bowl 1 and bowl 2 of aforementioned ice cream.

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