Monday Musings

Oh my gosh…time, time…where is it GOING?  Before I knew it the weekend was gone and then it was Sunday and then brunch happened and then the Super Bowl, and here I am again on Monday night, turning Somethings into Musings.  The good news is, I found an apartment, and will not be homeless come February 21st which is moving day (!).  Help me, dear me.

Anyway, a day late, here are all of my weekly thoughts. The ones caught my eye and the ones that I’ve been saving all week to share with you. Breathe.

And I am very glad that you’re here. 

Let’s all be happier.  These are doable, and I will vouch that #13, a mere smile at the grocery cashier today, got me a free cookie!  Smiles are a two way street.  Smile for you, and in this case, cookie for me.

Related: Don’t let your newsfeed emotionally destroy you. You know that black hole…it will.

Good news! Public schools…not as bad as we all are meant to believe.

Dumbledore logic?  It doesn’t make sense, yet us Potterheads believe it anyway.

Related: Little Buddha got sorted into Ravenclaw and confirms what I’ve always said- that he’s way smarter than I am (Gryffindor, here).

Also related:  Don’t mess with Jo Rowling on the twitter. She’ll verbally whip your ass, and provide all the laughs for the rest of us.

Think you know Friends? Can YOU get 20/20 on this quiz? The best my friends I could do was 19…let me know how you do.

Dress like a woman?  This is what we say about that.

I made a babka and it was so delicious. You should make it too!

Flight attendant saves girl from human trafficking. Bravo!

The last Beauty and the Beast trailer is out! My calendar is marked with a big red rose.

And finally this, all the fuzzies.  A group of strangers clean swastikas off the inside of subway trains. And THAT, is what the U.S. is all about.

Have a good week!

Written whilst chilling to the Michael Bolton Pandora station. You laugh, but give it a listen and you won’t want to listen to anything else.  

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  1. My newsfeed is 100% emotionally destroying me. The subway goers cleaning swastikas off ad cases was soooo heart warming. Thank you decent people of NYC (or known as when my newsfeed destroys me emotionally, but in a good way)

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