Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

Hello, Sunday.

I’m continuing my fun-employment in sunny Florida at Disney and it’s been fab. No news is great news these days, so my pool time has remained pure and free from internet intrusion. Thus, I’m joining up with Biscuit and (Biscuit’s) sister to do a fun sort of “what do you think about this” round-up of sorts for some of life’s deep questions. Share yours below!

top sheet or no top sheet? 

I say:  top sheet, otherwise, that sort of feels weird.


Biscuit says:  Top sheet. Definitely. The more layers the better and the top sheet really  allows one to tightly snuggle themselves into a blanket burrito. 


Sister says: no top sheet. If I do sleep with one, I end up kicking it to the end of the bed. My bed sheets include a fitted sheet and my comforter. [Allison adds: this is true. The child is a disaster when she sleeps so much so that I just take the top sheet off the bed when she comes to visit.]


wedding on a holiday weekend: rude or convenient? 

I say:  rude, but I love weddings so much that I’m not usually peeved too badly.


Biscuit says: I would normally err on the side of rude (like, dude, there are only so many long weekends a year and this one is dedicated to you now); but I attended one last winter and it was so nice to be out of town Saturday and Sunday and still have Monday off. Maybe cause it was February and I wouldn’t have had plans otherwise? Maybe cause I love my M? Final decision: in general, not my favourite. 


Sister says:  this one depends on whose wedding and where it is. Majority of the time, I’m going with rude. 


ketchup on a hot dog?

I say:  Depends.  If kraut, no. If no kraut, yes.


Biscuit says:  I don’t know why this is an issue; I say yes…but also, I think hot dogs are gross. I definitely included this question because, up until yesterday, Chrissy lived in Chicago and those Chicagoans have major issues with ketchup on hot dogs and I needed to know what she thought…


Sister says: it’s the only condiment I’ll put on my hot dog. Thumbs up to ketchup. 


would you let your latte sit out all day and still take a sip?

I say:  NO.  I like it hot and not spoiled. But, Tomato and Biscuit may be the biggest offenders of this.


Biscuit says: do you even know me? I hold the world record in slowest coffee sipping. It’s great because you have a hot beverage, a lukewarm beverage, and a cold beverage. So, yes! 


Sister says: I would. I don’t mind cold coffee and there is no way I’m throwing $5 in the garbage.


nuts in brownies: love it or hate it?



Biscuit says: ambivalent? At home I never add nuts to my brownies but the brownies from Artisano (small Ontario chain similar to Panera Bread…but better) have walnuts in them and they are the best! 


Sister says: medium about it? They can be a good textural thing, but I lean toward nutless. 


how often should you wash your jeans? 

I say:  I do when they start to get stretched out. Maybe once every 4 wears? Is that gross? Sorry I”m gross.


Biscuit says:  oh shoot. Now you’re going to know my dirty (literally) little secret. I wash my jeans as infrequently as possible. Like, when they smell, are dirty, or when the butt gets extra saggy is good time to wash them. 


Sister says: every few weeks? I don’t know. I’m no good with laundry things. 


food in bed? 

I say:  nope.  Mostly because I don’t sit around in bed but if my bedroom was more lovely then I might be tempted to sneak a snack.


Biscuit says: one of my favourite lines about cute boys is “I wouldn’t kick (dude) out of bed for crumbs”, so food in bed is a-ok. Well, I guess, let’s not eat a steak dinner in bed but some ice cream or chips or brunch are all a yes. The only rule I do have is: no empty mugs or dishes in the bedroom. That grosses me out. 


Sister says: if I had a TV in my bedroom I might have a different opinion, but I’m going with no. Keep food to designated food places to help control cravings and eating patterns, too. 


is double dipping ok? 

I say:  I think so. I’m not sure why it’s so frowned upon. It’s not like I’m licking the chip. Thanks, Seinfeld.


Biscuit says:  do you have the flu? No? Then, yep; double dip to your hearts content. 


Sister says:  always a yes.



I say:  this is SO HARD. But, NSYNC wins by a hair.  Justin’s curly hair.


Biscuit says: Backstreet Boys. Definitely. Growing up in the 80s and 90s was so great. 


Sister says: trick question. New Kids on the Block! As a child of the boy band era, this is such a hard question to answer. [Allison adds: NKOTB! Oh gawd, yes. I went to the NKOTBSB concert four (five?) years ago and it was SO GOOD! All my 90z dreams come true


ice cream: chocolate or vanilla? 

I say: vanilla.  With or without toppings.


Biscuit says:  vanilla. Vanilla with chocolate chip cookie dough or (for my Canadian friends) PC vanilla chocolate crackle, my favourite vanilla base. I hate chocolate ice cream. Yes, hate. I went there. Ultimate favourite: 1 scoop Phil & Sebastian coffee + 1 scoop salted caramel in a waffle cone from Village in YYC. OMG. 


Sister says: vanilla for me – though I’d pick numerous other flavours before vanilla. I’m not much of a chocolate person, but chocolate ice cream is the worst of it. 

Now excuse me, my mojito awaits.  I hope your Sunday involves one as well.

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