Monday Musings

Monday Musings

Hello, Monday.

Today was orientation for my new job, which starts tomorrow. Which means that this past week has been crazy unpacking boxes and setting everything up and doing laundry and hanging pictures and fixing my pantry*, all so that when I come home tomorrow all I have to think about is snuggling with Crawley.  This morning when I woke up at 6 AM, he was all like “what is THIS,” and then gave me mean eyes as I showered and dressed myself for what felt like my first day of school.

Because it sort of was like my first day of school, #Thisis35 style, I bought myself a fancy new work purse and some shiny new heels- akin to a new backpack and new saddle shoes (!) of yore back when it was more like #Thisis5.  Then I opened the door to find 2 inches of snow and a slippery sidewalk, for which the shiny new heels were not so good.  Still, no spills or slip ups for day 1; let’s hope that trend continues.

All of the above means that my internet game has been weak and I’ve focused my time online on new lamps and wall decor, not fun articles. Still, I think I have a few up my sleeve and I’ve realized just now that most of them involve animals in some way.  So, if you like animals then cool. If not, I’m sorry. Here we go.

Man makes his friendly neighborhood toad a variety of hats. I hate animals dressed in clothing, but somehow this…I can’t stop looking.  Also, yes, this is real life, people.

This seal can’t stop hugging a toy version of itself, and we all smile.

Two best friends, a lesson for all of us.

Pet tweets are almost as good as kid tweets.


I’ve definitely questioned whether the person on the other end of an email was a man or a woman (with a gender ambiguous name), but man or woman, I’d never treat him/her differently.  I mean, really?  (Related:  I thought for a second about changing my professional name to Chris once I started my new job because it sounds more professional than Chrissy, but it was too weird in my head (I once told the Starbucks barista I was Chris and couldn’t get over it for like, a half an hour. Thoughts on this?).

Why daylight savings? WHY?

Bees need help.  Do you buy Honey Nut Cheerios? Then you can help them!

St. Paddy’s is this Friday! Might I suggest some brownies?  Or this bread and butter pudding (becauseOMG)?

I’m sure you’ve seen this already, but…oh, kids.

*MY PANTRY. Isn’t it pretty? I really just want to sit in there and stare at the pegboard all day long. It’s my favorite part of the new apartment.

Written after day 1.

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