Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

Hello, Sunday.

Why is the weekend almost over?  I have not done nearly as much sitting around or sleeping as I’d hoped, and now tomorrow is Monday all over again. However, I did watch a really cute, feel good movie on Netflix called, “A Royal Night Out.”  You know I love those royals.

Otherwise, I’ve spent this week feeling a little more social and a little more willing to explore some restaurants and blind friend meet-ups.  I was lucky enough to have a built in friend group when I moved to Chicago, which meant I could be a little lazy about it but this time, if I want to have friends, I realized effort must be made.

Anyway, here’s some fodder for your Sunday morning lazy coffee.  

Do you feel as if sometimes everyone else has their act together and you’re sometimes barely eking by?  Here’s a hilarious take on that. My Fully Optimized Life Gives Me Ample Time to Optimize Yours.

Baking for others has always been my thing. I love nothing more than whipping up cookies or a cake for those that I love (or a spontaneous cake for myself, which I’ll be doing today). Turns out, my reasons were perhaps a little selfish?  Or at least self-serving.  Psychologists explain the benefit of baking for other people.

Last year I accidentally became a bandwagon baseball fan when the Cubs won the world series. My Cubbie crush continues this spring, and this Bryzzo ad is adorable.

Because Beauty and the Beast still has a presence on the internet, it will continue to have a presence in Sunday Somethings.  Mini Belle and Mini Beast steal the show!

Also adorable: Dads dancing with their daughters.

Crayola is retiring a crayon! And a part of all of our childhoods dies.

The world really is all of our classrooms, but what if it was your ACTUAL classroom?  Parents take their kids for a year on the road.  Not gonna lie- jealous.

“Your eyes had seen it all / aged with an old man’s weariness without any hope of life in the future.”  These children have literally lost the will to live, and it’s heartbreaking.  

The only times Crawley is a jerk is when 1) he wakes me up TOO DAMN EARLY and 2) he tries to steal my cheese and ice cream. Otherwise, I’d argue he likes me back and would take just as many picture of me as I take of him if he had opposable thumbs. Anyway, sciences says cats might not be as jerky as we think.

The fight for equal pay has been won by Iceland.  

And finally, I love a good love story, and this is one of the reasons that I love Bones so much, which ended on Tuesday after 12 seasons. 

Written over coffee and a sweet biscuit.



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Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

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Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

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  • You’re awesome and you just brightened my day. Thank you. Wishing you great baking! Loved that article as I do this too. Have a blessed Sunday.

  • No becoming a Tigers fan now that you’re near Detroit. Since I like to think I helped influence your fandom it’s Cubs, Jays, or bust! Occasional cheering for of other teams once yours has been eliminated in playoffs is also acceptable…but we can chat more about that in October.

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