Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

Hello, Sunday.

Hello, Easter!

Whether or not today is a special day for you, I hope you’re using it well. Relaxing, cooking, reading, being…maybe with feet up and a warm (or cold) beverage in hand.

I’m spending mine doing a mix of both.  Living close to Mom means that holiday weekends no longer involve 10 hours in the car and a rush-rush feeling to start a Monday, but rather a leisurely brunch, a casual dinner and a car ride home in time for cat-snuggles before bed. I have 4 days until I’m off for the Netherlands (did I tell you that?  Lettuce and I are going Dutch and biking through tulip country. It’s going to be awesome, and another wish list trip gets checked) and seeming a gazillion non-work things to do.  Such is life.

The internet?  I’ve got some of that.

In our seemingly-continuing series of why are people standing so close to alligators(?!?!), this one is horse v. gator.  Neither party wins this one.

In more animal news, elephants are smarter than we think! And likely smarter than some people…

How Netflix won the world.  We all know this is true.

Science, ya’ll!  Five weird things researchers collect in the name of science.  I remember in law school (or college? Law school), I had a styrofoam up with….stuff…in it, in the cup holder of my car for a whole semester. It was pretty gross, but I claimed it was in the name of science (what science? there was no science).  In any case, definitely a conversation starter.  These things are actually in the name of science.

Ever wonder what royal titles really mean? Just me? Well, this may feed that curiosity.

I loved Father of the Bride back in the day. Still do! Anyway, here’s a cute behind the scenes from Annie Banks-MacKenzie.

Edible plastic water bottles? Maybe this will end my aversion to drinking water.

Pope Francis opened a laundry mat for the poor because he’s kicking ass as the world’s best Catholic.

From Yam:  What wold your reaction be if you saw color for the first time?  Let’s all happy cry over this.

Would you swim in this glass-bottom pool? I would! I think it’d be like flying! I also think it’d be like, scary.

The oldest known person on Earth dies.  She attributes her long life to being single…which means that I, too, may live to be 117.

And finally, exhibit A for why photoshop can be awesome.

Have a great week!

Written after brunch with sangria.


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Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

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Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

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