Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

Hello, Sunday.

Happy Father’s Day to all of you dad-dads and pet-dads out there!  

It’s been more than an handful of years since I’ve been able to celebrate Father’s Day, but that doesn’t mean that The Big Buddha isn’t in my thoughts each time, or each day for that matter.  I do know that he’s always here watching over me, permeating my dreams and daydreams, bringing a smile to my face when I see something that would make him laugh, or at least have a lot of something to say.  And of course, there are parts of him in me that I can’t shake, for better or worse:  my “angry” stare, my hot-headedness, and my well-defined calves.

What even happened this week? I have no idea.  Perhaps my lens of the internet can remind us, or at least distract us. Here we go.

I’m all about living the “everything in moderation” mantra but these ‘Breatharians’ are, in the words of Yam…extra.

Losing my religion for equality.  An interesting read.

Science, ya’ll.  Are some of us hardwired for wanderlust?  So it would seem.

Kids again remind us to forego reality and believe in a little magic.

Do you ALWAYS look up a menu before you go somewhere? I never thought it was odd until Grape said that I was the first person she met that did so. In any case, if you are like me, let’s take a sec to laugh at ourselves.

OMG.  Our education has failed too many people.  What???

Are only women expected to be primary caregivers? JP Morgan Chase thinks so. Geesh, welcome to 2017.

It’s fresh salsa season! Embrace the rainbow.

And it’s also ice cream season. Embrace the dairy.

That’s it! Have a great week!

4 thoughts on “Sunday Somethings”

  • I’ll glance at a menu before going somewhere just to see if the restaurant has foods we like to eat (husband loves meat, I love veggies or fish – fish don’t have feelings, right?) but I don’t study it and plan what I’m having before we get there 🙂

  • perk of the internet age? Online menus. If there is no menu online and I don’t know much about the place I probably won’t go. I’m picky/don’t like a lot of foods, I love that I know what to expect.

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