Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

Hello, Sunday.

Well, this short week really screwed with my head. I woke up Wednesday to go to work, forgot it was Wednesday and found myself sort of scrambling all day! Then, I guess knowing it was just a three day week, those three days dragged. Mind games, full force over here.

The weather was beautiful yesterday, so Mom came up and we took to exploring the hood, hitting up the farmer’s market and the famous Zingerman’s Deli. It’s pretty much an Ann Arbor institution and is known all over the midwest, and world, really since Michigan alumni are everywhere. Anyway, despite having to wait in line outside, it certainly lived up to the hype and Mom and I already know what we’re each getting next time we go.

After all, you know I do love a good sandwich.

The internet?  Well, a few days off meant a few days of blissful ignorance. Still, here we have it.

Stop Healthcare Violence. I’ve always taken comfort in knowing that any patients that Mom deals with are sedated (she’s in the OR), but this is scary and real. As a young nurse she once had a patient empty a bed pan on her head. I mean….really.

Instagram food is a sad lie.  As a food blogger and food ‘grammer, I thought this was an interesting read, and no doubt very true for many. However, I did want to let you know, my friends and followers, that everything that you see either on the blog or on Instagram- I eat. That’s why I started all of this to begin with, to eat better food! I may not eat it all AT ONCE, but I can assure you that none of it goes in the garbage after a picture (I mean, who throws out an ice cream cone? Certainly not I). And how do I counterbalance the pound cake and ice cream and french fries? Moderation, sharing and exercise, lots of it. True story.

Florida, still winning.

Do you know the words to the Declaration of Independence?  Thanks to Wee Sing America, I do, but some people got…confused…by NPR’s little Twitter show on Tuesday.

How awesome is this? Go India!  Maybe we can follow suit and plant a few ourselves? Because, yo, climate change (is real).

I can’t stop laughing at Buzz Aldrin.

Is there a way to genetically determine at which sport one would excel? Jury’s still out, it seems. Still, interesting read.

Can men and women just be friends without hoopla or hanky-panky? Many agree, apparently not.  Car rides?  Geesh.

As some who regularly did two workouts a day for years, I can vouch for the fact that exercise does not make you lose weight.

I’ve always loved tigers, and this one is gorgeous.  And apparently, very very rare.

Related:  And finally, I leave you with some comedy wildlife photography.

Have a good week!

Written after picture hanging!


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Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

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  • I have said to laura that sometimes I wish real babies were given tags like Cabbage Patch Dolls that told you what you’d be good at. Hi, this is Allison, she will excel at: __________” Cause I want to know what I’m really, really great at. What’s the one thing if I knew about it, I could push myself and be truly great at. Haven’t found it. But also, probably lack the motivation to excel at it.

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