Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

Hello, Sunday.

Biscuit is here, and we’ve got donuts and ice cream and live music and all the good things happening. I’ve been mentally running like crazy while physically running not at all, and it’s all starting to build up thanks to Chicagogrammers, which is turning one in a party-official way next Sunday. I’ll be in Chicago co-hosting/celebrating/breathing a sigh of relief.  It’ll be a good time, but right now, it’s an overwhelming one.

I was not really all about the news this week, but sometimes it manages to sneak in. Here’s what got through the fog.  Just a few for you.

Science, ya’ll.  Thar she glows, and it’s beautiful. 

How much can you stuff into your intestines (if you’re a smuggler)? Quite a lot it seems. It also seems like a bad idea.

Related: smuggling is bad.  What is wrong with people?

For the love of Ina.

This was totally mine, as a hypothyroid with PCOS.  What’s been your health care experience?

Always take the trip. That’s my motto, always.

Save the cyclists- go Dutch (I hadn’t seen or thought of this until The Tulip Trip this year and it makes sense!).

We can now definitively say that football causes brain injury.  One player quit, and I wonder, how many will follow?

I’ve been thinking about these eggs a lot lately.

Have a good week!



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Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

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Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

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