The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club

Good Friday morning!  

Let’s have some coffee, shall we?  Grab a bowl of cereal while you’re at it because it’s time to step back and catch up.

As you can tell, cooking has been…not a thing in my house. I’ve had nothing to share the past two weeks because I’ve been taking a kitchen break. Not really an on-purpose break, but with busy busy busy weekends for the past month, combined with hot weather and a lack of appetite, I’ve reverted back to my pre-blog ways with eggs, avocado toast, yogurt, fruit and smoothies. A grim reality, but there it is.

I’ll be getting my act together again next week with new recipes for you and me. Plus, my birthday is coming up (woot!), and we all know that it’s a multi-week food celebration here on THB, which means you can expect only good and delicious things, because that is what Thirty-Six is all about. Only good and delicious things.

I will say that I had a Great Idea that I meant to tell you about with this granola.  This granola was supposed to be a really awesome Middle Eastern twist on regular granola (which I think I’ve eaten every day for the past four months). With olive oil, tahini, lots of honey and cinnamon, I tried to encapsulate all the savory flavors of the region but with a sweetness appropriate for a well balanced breakfast. Well, despite the EVOO and generous helping of tahini, the resulting granola had none of the WOW factor that I expected. In fact, it had none, and what I have is just plain Jane granola. You don’t need another recipe for that, so I’m not going to relay the specifics. Rather, I’m going to talk about what else is going on over here in Pure Michigan.  

planning:  Chicagogrammers is turning one and Kettle Corn and I are throwing one big party in Chicago this upcoming weekend, and launching another blog while we’re at it.  We’re going a bit crazy at the moment.

reading:  I’ve been swept up in the dystopian trilogy by Erika Johansen tcalled The Queen of the Tearling series.  I liked the Hunger Games fine, but have never been a big fan of novels that show us the grim reality of the future bred by the present we’re currently destroying. In any case, it almost harkens back to medieval times, with castles and queens, with perhaps a little magic thrown in for good measure. Anyway, I devoured Book #1 and am well into Book #2.  I highly recommend them!

watching:  American Ninja Warrior and The Spartan Races. I can’t get enough of those hardbodies.

listening: to Motown, in Motown. Appropriate.

loving:  the pace of life right now (despite recent busy times)

playing:  all the tennis. Steeling myself to maybe play in a fall league…

drinking: coffee again. Too much of it.

eating: so much ice cream. Not mad about it.

looking: forward to birthday paddle boarding next weekend.

praying: Mom has a safe trip on her Euro travels. She’s leaving for a 2-week jaunt on Sunday! #takemewithyou

hoping:  my Crawley isn’t too miserable with Mom this weekend.

thinking:  that I might be getting the hang of this new job.

wishing:  it would cool off just a bit, and that summer would last a little bit longer.

What are you wishing, hoping, thinking and praying for?

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