Monday Musings

Monday Musings

Hello, Monday.

I’m a day late with my weekendly thoughts but that’s pretty much because I got to Saturday night, and said YES to another day of being computer-free. That’s pretty much how life is these days, and it’s admittedly fantastic.

I’ve been enjoying the last long weekend of summer pretty much how I’ve spent the other ones; 20 miles away from home at Mom’s, but it might as well be 100 miles.  It’s calm and quiet and has involved a lot of food, lots of talking and some time watching the U.S. Open.

I hope your weekend was equally trouble-free, and that you’ve also had many computer-less hours.

Oh, what a world, what a world. It does continue to spin, though seemingly still a little off-kilter.

#19YearsLater came and went and we all long for the day that we first took the train to Hogwarts.

Science, ya’ll.  Ice cream for breakfast improves mental performance, and that’s all I’ve ever needed to hear.

Speaking of hurricanes…Andrew, 25 years later.

Still speaking of hurricanes, animal rescues that made me cry at work.

Still speaking of sort-of-hurricanes, Nepal and India? Also underwater.

Looking back at my scrapbook from my semester in London ten (!) years ago, I wrote down 10 things I learned during that semester. One of them clearly stated, “I have long legs and am a fast walker, and people who are not faster walkers need to not walk in front of me.” Clearly, I was a bit of a bitch in my head, but also, someone was listening to my random thoughts via the airwaves.  Liverpool becomes the first city to open fast walking lanes.

Nursing is truly a thankless job.  So, thank you, Mom.

Footloose, IRL.

It’s pie season, right?

If you don’t like pie, might I suggest this cake? It has a decidedly fall feel.

Have a great week!


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