A Weekend Roast

A Weekend Roast

Despite the fact that I love to eat and I love to cook, sometimes I find myself uninspired when the weekend hits. Because that tends to be when the kitchen magic you see happens, a sort of cook’s block akin to writer’s block, isn’t a good thing when I’ve got 2 days to GET IT DONE.  

I’ll go to the market, wander around, find nothing and then think that maybe you all could content yourself with another ordinary but very instagrammable picture and “recipe” for my delicious version of avocado toast (salt, pepper, crushed red pepper and smoked salmon, by the by).  Then I wake up from my daydream, realize that I can’t very well live on avocado toast and granola all week, and therefore, I make my mind up to prepare something adult and respectable for mealtime and in turn, inspire you to make something adult and respectable as well.

This past Saturday was one of those days when cook’s block clouded my thoughts. Then, browsing through my blogroll, The Londoner transported me to Notting Hill and into Cocotte, and I knew that a roast chicken I must make.

Don’t you just love a good roast chicken? I do, but sometimes I’m at a real loss on how to accessorize it.  Roast chicken tends to have roast sides, and I’m suggesting the same thing today, but I’m adding a side of Caesar (recipe for that dressing coming later this week).  Also, per Cocotte,  some delicious ideas for side bits and bobs to take the place of a heavy gravy, making this, as you see it, the perfect afternoon spread to eat hot fresh from the oven, slightly warm, or cold with some good, hearty, fresh baked bread for a “come as you are, eat when you will” sort of lazy Sunday gathering.

So no recipe today, but merely a bit of inspiration.

The best roast chicken has to be this one.  Always and forever.

For the bits and bobs, I’ve got my vodka-rosemary BBQ sauce, some good spicy beer & brat mustard and a truffle mayo.

This truffle mayo= 1/4 cup high quality store bought mayonnaise (you know the difference, come on!) + 1/2 tsp truffle oil.  My (and your) new favorite roast chicken accessory.

My roast veggies are a mixture of fresh and freezer; mini-multicolored potatoes, halved, are tossed with frozen brussels sprouts, cauliflower and pearl onions, slightly thawed, tossed in olive oil, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes and thyme.  Roast at 375F until crisp and golden.  Parsley to finish, Parmesan if you choose.

Caesar salad, homemade to its core.

The best thing about this meal? The leftovers, both the food and the feeling left behind. 


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2 thoughts on “A Weekend Roast”

  • Such a perfect dinner! Since moving out, I’ve missed roasting a chicken every Sunday. I like white meat and Dad the dark, so it was perfect. I don’t like dark meat enough to make one just for me.
    I have had a SERIOUS craving for roast potatoes and potato salad….well, most potatoes, really.

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