Last season I did a round-up and I think it worked out rather well, so I’m doing it again because I find that an archive dive is great more often than not and reminds us of oldies but goodies that need to be made again (and again).

Fall is my favorite season.  The crisp air that smells slightly of campfires, the fiery leaves that color the skyline and blanket the ground, and the ever present excuse to eat donuts and drink cider and do all the things that defy age are what dreams are made of. My dreams, anyway.

When combing through this online recipe box, I have a hard time picking a favorite. I love them all equally, and for different reasons.

Without further ado, happy fall!


cardamom pound cake | cardamom rolls | chai-spiced almond breakfast bowl |

dutch apple bacon pancake | five-spice apple waffles | five-spice pear granola parfaits |

french mushroom toast | johnny cakes | maple walnut muffins | papas con chorizo |

smoked salmon bubble & squeak | cheesy potatoes | spinach, pear & brie quiche | cafe con miel

thanksgiving benedict | pumpkin pie filled pancakes

Soups & Stews

french onion soup | aussie burger chili | mom’s beef chili | chicken taco chili |

piri-piri chicken chilicauliflower soup | mustard soup | caldo verde | chicken tagine | spiced pumpkin tomato |

pumpkin tomato bean | curried pumpkin | shorba | lobster chowder | smoked salmon chowder |

waterzooi | ham & lentil stew | matzo ball soup | cock-a-leekie soup | shrimp stew (moqueca) 

Meats & Things

spiced meatballs with tamarind dip | blueberry bison burger | bolognese eggplant stacks |

afghan meatball stoup | cabbage rolls | pork with sticky rice | chicken kiev |

chicken normandy |  roast chicken, the best one | chicken with saffron and almonds


beer bread | brown bread | pumpkin bread | oatcakes | butternut squash bastilla

kibbeh | scalloped/whipped/smashed sweet potatoes | macaroni au gratin | shakshuka

roasted vegetable salad | roasted beet & paneer salad | roasted fig & hazelnut salad

bibimbop | bengali spiced cauliflower



hot chocolate cupcakes | coffee walnut torte | pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting

apple bacon brown betty | sticky toffee pudding | bourbon salted chocolate caramel sauce |

chocolate peanut butter pretzel tart | chocolate hazelnut bars | indian pudding |

apple pie ice cream | apple pecan ice cream | spiced pumpkin seed brittle


There are so many more dishes to choose from, but this should keep you a while!

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