Monday Musings

Monday Musings

Hello, Monday.

This week was a bit tiring. I had my first work trip, and as we all know, one day out of the normalcy of our routines throws the rest out of whack.  I needed the weekend to regroup and make peace with Crawley, who greeted me with a hate-look and left me with the guilt of having abandoned him.  We’re cool now, so you know. Anyway, I couldn’t wrap my head around the internet and writing and all the normal Saturday night things, so once again, our Somethings become Musings.  I hope they bring joy to the hardest day of the week and provide a little lunchtime distraction.

I’m a bit in disbelief that October is more than half over, and that holiday plans are taking shape and holiday shopping lists are starting to be written. December, I see you coming.

I managed to find some interesting reads this week. Here we go!

Oh, those cookies? I’ll say it again- these SK salted chocolate chunk cookies are still the best, and everyone’s favorite.

Where have all the bugs gone?  That’s what scientists are trying to figure out, and it’s not a good problem to have.

How travel killed my ambition.  While I obviously didn’t quit my job to travel the world, my career has always been the sort that allowed me a comfortable amount of vacation time and enough money to take me far away to spend it.  It didn’t happen that way at first, but while my friends were plugging away 100+ hours a week at those big law firms our first few years post-gradutation, I was biking Bavaria, wandering the stalls in Istanbul, taking weekend trips to London and hiking the Himalayas. I despite the fact that loans loom and I’ve alway been a renter, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Eating American.  Five immigrants discuss the difference between eating here and eating in their homelands.  V. Interesting!

People are…sigh.  Man tries to kill spider with blow torch– and burns his house down. Can’t make this up.

Tom Hanks wrote a book!  Another reason to love him.

Science is cool, and some kids that love science are really cool.  11-year old girl invents lead-testing device.

Also, more science: Babies that are neglected early-on have less developed brain.  The science, the social implications and what can be done about it.

Should you find yourself in DC, you have to go to Rasika. And, order the fried spinach! If you can’t make it there, here is the secret.

Remember, it’s free to be kind.

It’s feeling like time to make some mushroom soup.

And I leave you with a heartwarming animal video, because best friends truly make the world go ’round.

Oh, wait! One more. I cannot stop cry-laughing at this.

Have a most happy week!

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