Monday Musings

Monday Musings

Good morning, Monday.

How was your weekend? I’m sorry we missed each other.  I was in Chicago for work this past week and have been seemingly playing catch up since.  To top it off, Crawley gets super clingy when I’m gone for any long period of time (like, more than a long night out) and so it’s less easy to get things done when he wants to play or just spent time cuddling.  The other day I was finishing up my workout with some squats and during a particularly low one, he jumped on my shoulder and just sat there. So I had an extra 10 pounds on my back as I bobbed up and down.

As for Chicago, while I’ve been gone for about 9 months now and have been back more than once, it was until this trip that I felt a little pang of longing for the city that I left, without much of a second thought, after ten years.  Why this time?

The holidays. As I walked around downtown, the city workers were buzzing around putting up lights, and filling planters with garland in preparation for the season to come.  Chicago always took on a magical quality around the holidays. A 3:30pm sunset was made a little more tolerable by a greeting of twinkling lights as I walked from work to the train.  And this weekend, with the passing of many a Friendsgiving, I realized it exactly what my first Christmas season in my new town was missing.

That’s a little woe is me for you, and because the family and I are actually spending Christmas weekend in the Windy City, I’ll surely get my fix of good food, good cheer and a White Christmas sing-a-long to boot.

Because I spent a lot of time out and about and busy as all heck, not too much caught my attention this week. But a few.

I wasn’t that much a Serena fan early in her career, but as I’ve gone to appreciate with awe the power of this woman, I do enjoy her. She got married and I love that her wedding was Beauty & the Beast inspired. No shame for Disney love.

The true meaning of self-care.

Share tables are preventing waste around schools and helping local charities to boot. 

A reminder to be thankful.

Ya Hey!  I love language variations throughout the country, and here are some good ones!

Women are happier being single than men.  Not hard to believe.

Life advice from Michelle. Pretty much how I live my life! #winning

Reading this week:  The Snow Child.

And finally, with Thanksgiving this week, remember to eat what you want.

Have a good week!


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