My Favorite Things: 2017

My Favorite Things: 2017

Back to work, back to reality. Those four day weekends really get ya, don’t they? It just breeds a permanent desire to sit around in cozy clothes, eat allthecarbs and watch musicals for the next month (we watched both The Sound of Music AND White Christmas this weekend. #winning).

Like last year, I decided to put out my list of Favorite Things.  Like Oprah (hardly), I’m not necessarily suggesting that every person on your list might find these to be nice presents, but merely that they were among the things that I liked, and used and lovely regularly, or am hoping that I might soon call mine.  And, if you know someone that might be a little bit like me, they might like them, too.  To be honest, it was hard to come up with a list! Since moving, I haven’t really bought all that much stuff- a side effect of having to pack and move my other stuff earlier this year.  Still a few things stuck and so here we go (along with their Cyber Monday sales!).  

  1.  You’ve seen this watch before. And, while I’m not a jewelry hound by any stretch of the imagination, I found this watch rotating regularly through every week.

  2.  I go back and forth on which Disney movie is my favorite and it’s always Mary Poppins that makes its way into the first or second spot. First!  I love this print and think any others that have fallen under the spell of a spoonful of sugar would love it, too.

  3.  Come Away with Me by Karma Brown.  This is the first of four books that you’ll find on my list.  A newly-found lack of social life reignited that spark, and these books in particular are the ones that I read that seemed to stick the most. This one had me ugly-sobbing.  UGLY.

  4.  You know that we go to Disney a few times a year (heading there on Thursday!) and I LOVE the hotel bath products that we get. All of them are good, but for some reason this sea marine & sea salt is one of my faves.  Free shipping on order over $75 using code SHIPMAGIC.

  5. Socks.  Who doesn’t love socks?  These Uniqlo HeatTech cable knee highs are the warmest and coziest socks ever and got me not only through a very snowy New Years’ in Montreal but regularly keep me snug as a bug in the crazy cold Chicago/Michigan winters. On sale now, and free shipping on all orders!

  6.  Warm feet really are so clutch. Also a major factor is my warmth in Montreal were these Pajar Canada boots. These boots are The Best Boots! Bonus, they don’t weigh 50 pounds. Also, v. comfortable.

  7.  I got myself a nice big tote when I got my new job (first day of school gets a new backpack, right?) and it’s become such a nice little travel/carry on tote. This Kate Spade bag is super cute because I just love stripes (one time I went to the airport wearing a striped shirt, carrying a striped bag and with a striped computer sleeve.  TSA certainly noticed. And pointed it out). 30% off using code GIVEJOY. Plus, free shipping and returns.

  8.  Book #2 is Delicious by Ruth Reichl.  An overall fun read!

  9.  My Life in Sweats might also be the title of my autobiography, and if I had to choose a pair, I’d go for these joggers from the Gap.  I bought them before my trip to Amsterdam because the taper is perfect to wear over leggings without getting caught in bike spokes, and when I got home…well, they became THE sweatpants of the season.

  10.  Beauty & the Beast. I loved this so much more than the original (which I also love) and had it on repeat regularly all year.  I couldn’t not put it on here.

  11.  I bought myself one of these little pouches when I was in Nepal and it’s been perfect for my travel bag to hold my earbuds, charger and iPod.  When I came back stateside, I saw they sold them at Ten Thousand Villages! So, no need to go to Nepal (for this! You should totally go to Nepal). Free shipping on orders over $75.

  12.  I’m not a huge art person, but I do love photography. And I love science! Bioartography sold by the University of Michigan really does show the Art in Science.  This print, entitled, Bend to the Will of the Cell, shows how human mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) respond to posts of different rigidity.  Science is cool!

  13.  Book #3, Caravel by Stephanie Garber, takes the reader into a world of intrigue, scandal, fear and love. I could not put it down and can’t wait to read the sequel that comes out next year.  Counting down!

  14.  Sugar, honey honey! Fancy condiments are my thing and this Hickory Smoked Carolina Honey adds just a touch of something, making it perfect for experimentation (remember that ice cream?!).

  15.  Gah. Boden! I can’t get enough of you. I do not have this coat.  I long for this coat. Coat, please be mine!!!! 30% off using code CY8H.

  16.  These Harry Potter socks! YES!!! I’d be a beater, btw. Target, I love you. Free shipping through 12/23.

  17.  I am a big fan of cute mugs and Bumble & Bustle has some of the cutest for the season!  

  18.  Confession: I’m not so good with makeup, but I love this cream lip stain to add a little color to my pasty winter face.  Great staying power.

  19.  My new town brought not only a reinforced love of reading, but also of riding my bike! Without the constant fear of being hit and dying in Chicago traffic, I found myself zooming around Ann Arbor like a five year old. Better get a helmet to match that attitude. Nut case has a helmet that will make you stop traffic!

  20.  Last but certainly not least, is a novel by my dear friend, Ham, entitled, “Logging Back into Life,” that details two thirty-somethings that have unexpectedly found themselves thrust into the throngs on online dating. Having gone on more than a few online dates in my time, I found this book very relatable, funny, and heart-warming.  So proud of you, Ham!

So that’s it!  Happy shopping! Here we go, December!

*This post contains affiliate links.

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