Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

Hello, Sunday.

So, confession. I almost didn’t write this because I started Season 2 of The Crown and…priorities.  Damn, it’s so good. Even Biscuit, who was totally not a believer, is now one. You can be, too!

In other things, this weekend was full of fun times and good cheer. I managed to finish off my Christmas shopping, as well as playing lots of tennis (making me feel like my summer self), went ice skating again and really tucked in with Detroit-style pizza, which is much better than Chicago deep dish. Yes, it is.

I also tried for the second year in a row, and failed, to take a cute Christmas picture with Crawley. I’ll share that with you in a week’s time.  The results are quite terrible.

I hope your weekend was equally lovely.  If not, there’s still time to make it so!

Words, words, words- I’m so sick of words!  But, the internet has them in spades. 

Would you sell your pet for $100,000?  I wouldn’t!  Neither would these folks.

Are we seriously talking about word censorship? CDC gets handed a list of forbidden words.  Dear me.

Sadly, this makes sense.  If we’re not going to stop the mass shootings, we may as well all learn how to save their victims.

Many of us have “read 52 books” as resolutions each January. Here’s a different approach.

The deactivation effect. Let’s all take those 15 minutes, shall we?  I’m going to try!

The Science of Snobbery. Is fancy really better?

More science, ya’ll.  Are men just big complainers? Or is there such a thing as man flu?

And finally, because college acceptances could be the worst, but they can also be the best.

Gotta go. Lisbeth and Phillip await.


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Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

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Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

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