Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

Hello, Sunday.

It’s two days before I leave for Vietnam with my girls on Wednesday, so I spent much of yesterday packing, doing laundry, cleaning up and a bit of pampering so that I’m not rushing around Wednesday morning as an Uber waits outside. I’m pretty much done, save for the last minute chargers, meds, and shower stuff that gets stowed in the carry on. I’ve also decided to lug my big camera, despite my extreme reluctance, so hopefully it’ll be worth it for some good pictures to show when I get back.

Poor Crawley has been a tizzy, wise to what’s going on, and after two of my friends lost pets this week, I’m inclined to let him sit on my shoulder for as long as he wants, soaking in the snuggles with one hand while folding laundry in the other. He’s the most bittersweet part of any trip, whether two weeks or two days. Hug your pets, tight, because we only have them for so long.

Also, I’ve been watching The West Wing and damn, is Aaron Sorkin psychic? One might think.  Freaky foreshadowing.

On to more interesting things, the internet! Let’s see what I found!

Nutella riots in France. Silly, but would you rather have those kind of riots than the kind that we have here?

The “quiet life” needn’t be silent or solitary; it simply finds contentment regardless of the noise around it.  How to Live a Quiet Life.  Hmm, sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Are you making enough time for travel in your life? I can confidently say that I do, but so many ask me how I do it. Well, here’s a few ideas to start.

All five of the James Beard Foundation’s 2018 “America’s Classics” awards went to restaurants opened by immigrants.  Gosh, I’m not surprised- are you? Here’s why that matters.

The magic of JT.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Damn straight.

Reba, rocking the Colonel’s look.

Are we try to improve ourselves too much??

Valentine’s Day is coming up and we should all know how to make creme brûlée correctly.

Have a great week!




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Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

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Sunday Somethings

Sunday Somethings

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