A Day on the Mekong, Vietnam

A Day on the Mekong, Vietnam

After a short flight from Hue, we landed in Saigon and, after a quick tuk-tuk tour through the city, we quickly departed for calmer waters for a day on the Mekong.

Have you ever been on Disney’s The Jungle Cruise? Well, this was Disney, come to life!

We boarded a speedboat, which whisked us away towards a very sweet destination, but not without a drink to keep us well hydrated.

A local speciality indeed!

As our boat sped along, the landscape, to me, reminded me of the mangroves I’d become so accustomed to seeing growing up in Florida, though thankfully I saw none of the scaled occupants.

Every once in a while, we’d see houses tucked away. Blink, and you’d miss it.

Soon enough, we reached our first stop: a coconut candy factory!

This (above) is how you clean a coconut. Did you know? I didn’t!

Workers making this sometimes tasteless fruit into something a little bit…more.

Before long, it was time to board yet another vessel (and wear another hat) to lunch.

Mind your head!

And the roosters!

Hungry travelers at this point, we were met with a delicious and special feast.

Fried blossoms.


Ramen salad.

and the pièce de résistance, fried elephant ear fish (which we cleaned ourselves, and wrapped into delicious spring rolls, not pictured).

Happy and full, we again changed hats and modes of transportation to head back to the bus.

And ended the day v. content.


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