See the World, Eat the World: Out of the Kitchen

So much about me and my life revolves around travel: where I’ve been, where I’m going soon and where I want to go eventually.  I mean, that’s why I started THB in the first place! The list of places to go is long and limitless, and places get bumped and shifted on this mental list on a daily basis.  Here is my diary of where I’ve been (post 2013), what I saw and, of course, what I ate. 

         STW: A Tulip Trip (Netherlands)

                  STW: A Day in Delft

                         ETW: Chicago

                STW: A Toronto Layover

                    STW: Quebec City

                       ETW: Montreal 

                   ETW: Vancouver

                       STW: Alaska

                     STW, ETW: Boston

                    STW, ETW: Calgary

                STW, ETW: DC’s 14th St

                    ETW, STW: London

                            Epic Ireland

                     STW: Costa Rica

                         STW: Reykjavik  

                      ETW: Reykjavik

                    ETW: Los Angeles 

                 STW: Seattle & Olympia

                  ETW: Buffalo, NY

                       ETW: Denver

                   ETW: Lafayette, LA

                ETW: A NYC Pizza Tour



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