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The Summer Oatmeal Alternative: Muesli

The Summer Oatmeal Alternative: Muesli

  Picture it: You stand, alone, in the middle of expansive pasture and slowly, you start to twirl.  The Alps are in the background in all their glory. Music gradually builds in your head and before you know it, the hills are alive!   Okay […]


Ahh. Switzerland.  Neutral in politics, seemingly undecided on everything else.  When visiting, it was amazing to me how different in personality the French side was from the German.  My crew and I arrived in Geneva and it was cold, rainy and right off the bat […]

I Just Want Your Extra Time and Your….KISS: Baci “Italian Kiss” Ice Cream

Throughout every Christmas season in our house, a cookie tray had a constant presence on our kitchen counter.  Butterballs, sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies, baklava…and Baci chocolates. Baci chocolates, my mom’s favorite. Baci, meaning kiss in Italian, is dark chocolate candy, filled with a blend […]

Muffin Treason:  Italian Benedict with Risotto Cakes and Sweet Tomato Jam

Muffin Treason: Italian Benedict with Risotto Cakes and Sweet Tomato Jam

Breakfast is my absolute favorite meal to eat out. There are just so many possibilities and my eyes are always bigger than my stomach. I mean, you can go sweet or savory, both equally acceptable.  It’s not exactly couth to eat chocolate, sugar and whipped […]

Easy, Breezy and Cheesy: Costolette all Fontina, or Fontina-Stuffed Veal Chops with Parmesan Sweet Pea Risotto

Though I’m still full from the wonderfully delicious butternut squash gnocchi, it was time to move on to an even more decadent dish- Fontina-stuffed veal chops with Parmesan sweet pea risotto.  In actuality, the ingredients in this dinner aren’t all that heavy- no butter, no cream- […]

Here’s a Knuckleball: Butternut Squash Gnocchi with a White Wine-Butter Sauce

Northern Italy is known for its stuffed pasta, and ravioli is what I had originally planned to make.  However, I lack a pasta roller, and because I knew I wouldn’t have the appropriate tools, I didn’t want to set myself off for failure right away.  […]

Northern Italy

Ok, I know I’ve been super slacking lately, and you’d think with a country like Italy I’d be all about it. With a few injuries, a trip and a lot of eating out, I’ve been a bit distracted, with only enough time to remake the […]

White Chocolate Pearl Sugar Loaf, Take Two

White Chocolate Pearl Sugar Loaf, Take Two

I’m flattered and honored to have my good friend Orange following my trek around the world. Every week she writes me an update about what she’s made and what she and her husband thought of it, and I love it.  This weekend her mother-in-law is […]

A Lesson in Not Cooking: Elizabeth’s Gone Raw

I’ve managed to get a bit behind. Due to being out of town last weekend and eating out too much this week, I’ll be moving on to Northern Italy next week.  But first, a field trip! Tomato told me about the raw food movement a […]

That’s a Spicy Meata-ball! Auntie Betty’s Spaghetti

While spaghetti seems to be standby kid food in a lot of households, it wasn’t in mine. My mom’s “I’m not sure what to make for dinner” go-to was broiled chicken with sautéed spinach.   I’m not sure why, she just never made spaghetti. I actually […]

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