Fluffernutter, Four Ways: National Fluffernutter Day

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About three years ago, before I knew anything about anything, including how to take a proper picture, I introduced you to (or reminded you about) the wonder of the fluffernutter sandwich.  Peanut Butter. Marshmallow.  Melty-ness. You remember it. 

Today, for, #TBT, a re-introduction, because it’s National Fluffernutter Day.  And because sometimes rather than greens and lean protein and quinoa, we want the fat and sugar, and an excuse to call the most delicious combination of sugar and fat a legitimate meal. 

While a fluffernutter is an appropriate moniker for anything that combines peanut butter with marshmallow fluff, it’s most common form is in the aforementioned sandwich. 

My recipe for success is:  a layer of creamy, a few dollops of crunchy, swirled together with fluff and spread on toasted bread (because toasting the bread makes it all melty and extra delicious).

In an attempt to mix things up, I’ve come up for four alternative ways to eat a fluffernutter, to make your average fluffernutter over the top, should you aspire to be a tad more adventurous with your PB&M. 

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The Best is Gravy: Biscuits & Gravy


It’s a new day and a new region!  We’re back in the U.S., so let’s get things off on the right foot.  And because we start each day on the right foot with a good breakfast, let’s start with that as, after a long hiatus, we re-enter the U.S., starting with it’s southern parts.

Anyway, it’s been a while since I made a breakfast thing, yeah? Sad, as it is the my favorite meal of the day. Like, I wake up and practically run to the kitchen every morning, not even really for hunger reasons. Maybe I’m just that excited to eat? Because we all know how much I love to eat.

No, because no matter what I’m eating first thing in the morning, whether it’s cereal, peanut butter toast, a protein shake or my Sunday morning pancakes, I just love breakfast.  Admittedly I don’t get to sit and leisurely enjoy it but three days a week (stupid real job), but it’s still my fave.


I don’t mix it up all that much, and the foods enumerated a few sentences ago make up the sparse variety of breakfast foods I consume.  It’s not that I can’t make more interesting things- I just usually don’t want to do so. I don’t eat my oatmeal anyway other than with just a little cinnamon and pecans.  I don’t make my protein shakes with anything more than blueberries.  And my Sunday pancakes rarely stray from chocolate chip and peanut butter.  

Creature of habit. A stubborn one.

But every one in a while I have reason to stray and this meal, this breakfast, was the perfect one.  One perfect, saucy, meaty one.

Ever since Grape has been going down to Southern Illinois for holidays at her in-laws, I’ve heard all about the amazing food that graces the table each year. All of it delicious and indulgent, but no dish has gotten more praise than her mother-in-law’s biscuits and gravy.  

Is there a more southern breakfast than biscuits and gravy?  Maybe grits, but B&G is just way more exciting, right?  Let’s not be boring about it.

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Sunday Somethings


Serenity Now

Hello, Sunday.

How’s everyone doing?  It’s been a quite a nice weekend on my end. Though the blue-grey October sky has come and stayed, and my teams fought and lost some hard-won battles, I can’t complain too, too much (but perhaps a little).  Yesterday I turned over my closet in a statement of acceptance that fall is definitively here.  And I love it.

Spending more time in my apartment shielded from the cold more often as of late, I’ve started to mentally compile a winter to-do list:

Movies.  I see none.  Do you all ever avoid movies that you think you should watch but are so afraid of allthefeels that you stay away? That’s how I’m feeling right now about Everest. I mean, I was there, and the earthquake in Nepal really hit home. It looks SO good, but I just…can’t do it. Not yet anyway.  If you see it, I’d love to know your thoughts.

TV.  Anyone watch The Muppets yet?

Crafting.  Photo album-ing should be a priority. They take up so much time, but are so, SO worth it when done.  Do you scrapbook?

Baking. Let’s have a cake in the house all the time because insulation is key for the upcoming winter.

What’s your winter to-do list?

Unrelated:  throw out a compliment today. It might just make all the difference in someone’s day.

Now, the somethings.  Here you go:

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Macaroni au Gratin: Haitian Mac ‘n’ Cheese


Happy Saturday folks!

As I mentioned the other day, we’re in the home stretch of this little journey. I’ve plotted out dishes for the next month and let me tell you, Grape and I were standing in a pile of drool in my office as I described every mouth watering dish I had planned. And then we promptly went and both had to eat lunch that second.

I swear they are all that good.  Starting with this one.

The last port of call in the Caribbean is Haiti and while most of us think of the Caribbean is being somewhat summer fare with its fresh seafood and citrusy things, it can also be quite heavy, and this one crosses over quite easily to fall and will suitable mask the briskness outside.

Or at least get you well on your way to being well insulated this winter.



Before we get into it, let’s talk a little about Haiti’s food.  Like so much of the Caribbean, the food is a noticeable mix of different cultures and flavors, notably French, Spanish, Middle Eastern and African. No surprise given the history of colonization in the area.  The resultant cuisine has a lot of bold, in-your-face flavor typical of the area, with the air of French sophistication. Such is the case with today’s dish.

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Rockin’ Rocks: Crunchie Rocks



GUYS.  It’s been three years today that I posted my very first recipe (meatloaf, in case you forgot).  THREE YEARS. I can’t even believe it. It seems like I’ve been doing this forever. 

If I had really tried to cram it all in, I probably could have planned it so that I was finishing up the world today. However that would have meant rushing through the rest of the Caribbean, skipping over some of the Southern U.S. (and no one wants that) and perhaps missing out on the U.S. East Coast all together.  So…not an option.

Rather, I wanted to take my time and do it right, so this three year blogiversary means business as usual, but before I continue on my culinary path back to Chicago, one more treat from vacation times, this one from London.

I had originally planned to make the bubble & squeak I mentioned last time because it was so so good, but I’m still eating down some sweet potatoes I overbought from a globally inspired sweet potato collaboration, coming your way this November (it’s good and delicious- get excited!) and more potatoes this week would have been excessive.  Too many potatoes!  As the weather cools there will be plenty of time for potatoes, so stayed tuned for the squeak at a future date.  

For today, I’m still in quick and easy mindset. And dessert mindset.  Because chocolate.



With that, I decided to try and create my favorite stowaway Cadbury dessert- the Crunchie Rock.  I do love the original Crunchie, as well as the Dairy Milk Crunchie, but the Crunchie rock allows for easy mouth popping. Like, shoving food into one’s face, popcorn style kind of popping.  Plus, bite-sized!  And since it’ll be a while since I’m heading back to England, or even to Canada for hoarding, an HB version had to happen.

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Sunday Somethings


Hello, Sunday.

Doesn’t he just look like the happiest gnome?  I do love gnomes. I got myself a gnome statue in Iceland and named him Stu. He just looks like a Stu.

It’s been a busy week but I finally, finally, feel like I’m myself again.  Jet lag is long gone as well as that pesky cold, and I feel like being social again rather than hiding away under a blanket on the couch.   And the kitchen dance parties have resumed.  All is well.

Productivity this weekend was off the charts and by the time you read this, my laundry is done, my house is clean and most of my food is cooked for the week.  High five to me, it’s time to play. It’s football season, after all.

Let’s go, Buffalo.  Squish the fish.

Before that gets going, let’s tuck in an talk about the somethings I found this week.

People can be horrible, but at least we get celebrity mean tweets out of it.

Related:  Raising the price of a drug 500% (FIVE HUNDRED PERCENT) is just an @$$hole move.

Science, ya’ll.  Why we crave certain foods.  Because chocolate chip cookies and Doritos are a biological imperative.  

More science, ya’ll. Because science is fun.  Four ways to be happy. Only four! Let’s get to it.  And now we can justify those massages.

Fun fact: I wear a dress almost every single day because I hate wearing pants.  Which means that waist training will never, ever be a thing for me. Nor should it for you.  

Someone got fired. Perhaps not the smartest thing to use the Nazi symbol for Yom Kippur.

Some take Nutella very seriously. Perhaps too seriously.  

Culture clash.  Permitting sexual abuse for the sake of international relations.  A hard look, and a difficult read.

TV things; Scandal is back, and after the premiere, I’m still #TeamJake.  Related- do you get attached to characters enough that you cry when they’re killed off?  The saddest TV deaths.  Definitely bawled my eyes out over Alan Birch, Mark Greene, Fred Berkle, Lance Sweets, and Finn Hudson.

Finally, a toxic work world.  Will it really ever change?  I dearly hope so.

Have a good week!

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See the World, Eat the World: London

London. The love of my life. 



Whenever anyone tells me that they are going, I get so excited for them and want to tag along, too. I start rambling about all the places to go, things to do, restaurants to try; my mind and mouth running away on tangents about my favorite things and how when I lived there it kept a piece of my heart until whoever I’m talking to looks at me with wide eyes, nods their head, “Oh. Ok” and walks away thinking, “crazy girl.”

My Anglo-philia is strong.

It’s no doubt because I spent a semester there, and for me that semester came at a time when I most wanted to escape. Escape law school.   Escape a city that fit me like a shoe two sizes small.  Escape a life that was starting to feel claustrophobic.

The thing with London is that when I go, I don’t need to do anything. It’s the one place in the world where I go and just be. I love the mere fact that I’m there. Sure, there is tons to see, but I just love everything about it so much, than when I’m there, I know I’d rather be no where else.

I love the people. While they can be grumpy at times (who isn’t), I see it a little bit of a challenge to break through the uptight. I love the cadence of their speech. The accent. The pace. The phrases.


I love walking around a city steeped in so much history; buildings hundreds of years old that have seen wars, famine, leaders good and bad.  And it makes me smile the biggest smile when someone asks me for directions.

And after the horrible weather that we had in Iceland, London couldn’t have offered a more welcome change of pace.  Seventy and sunny the whole time.  

Clearly London loves me as much as I love it.  

Ask anyone that has lived or even been to London, and each will give you their own must-see list 100 things long.  If you’re ever going to Londontown, here are my suggestions for things to do after you’ve checked off Buckingham Palace and Tower Hill.

My London.

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Silky Smooth: Cauliflower Soup



Have we hit the first day of fall? Seems like I read that somewhere.  

If that be the case, I think soup is in order. Yes, definitely.  And some fresh bread, but then again, fresh bread is always in order.

Of all the dishes that we ate in Iceland, the one that really stuck out, maybe because it channeled a little bit of the taste of home, was the cauliflower soup from Icelandic Fish and Chips.  Sure the seafood everywhere was fresh and delicious.  And the lamb…unmatched by anything we have back home.  Perhaps it is for that very reason that I chose to recreate this particular dish…it’s attainable for all of us who don’t have access to those types of ingredients year round- or ever, really.

Plus, if anyone knows a thing or two about staying warm from the inside out, I suspect Iceland does.

I adapted this recipe from a chicken version that mom used to make as a kid, keeping it veg and creamy, without really any cream.  The beauty of this soup comes from its simplicity;  5 ingredients will get you a really amazing soup.  Add a few more for richness;  unnecessary, but always welcome.  I decided to leave this simple and stunning, served with warm spelt bread, and garnished with the crisp spelt bread croutons made from the same, keeping in line with what we had in Iceland. However, my brain whizzed with possibilities in how to make this into almost a completely different soup.  Bacon for texture? Pesto for garnish?  The canvas is blank.



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Eat the World: Reykjavik

Now that I’ve told you what I saw and did in Reykjavik, let’s talk about what I ate. Because that is just as (or more….depending on your point of view) important.

Despite knowing that poor planning in this area could potentially lead to disastrous ends, I didn’t do a whole lot of research on food before this trip. In my ignorant mind, there were three things to eat:  whale, puffin and fermented shark.  Weird, but there it was, my meager to-do list.  I’m not typically squeamish when it comes to food and I’m willing to try anything once, so as unconventional as those choices might be, I was ready.

Whilst on our city tour, Martinn took the opportunity to point out that those aren’t really traditional Icelandic dishes and schooled us on what Icelanders really eat.  In fact, he himself had never had puffin and said that fermented shark tasted like the most rotten cheese.  And with that, there went two-thirds of my list.  Long live the puffins.

The whale, on the other hand, comes with an interesting story. Apparently whale poaching is internationally outlawed, and Iceland downright refuses to oblige due to the lucrative export of whale meat to Japan.  The ban is prompted by the inhumane ways that whales are killed- spear to the head, subsequent bleed out.  Sounds pretty horrible to me.  And while Iceland continues to do as it pleases in regard to this practice, there is a movement to stop it.  Again, according to Martinn,  whale meat isn’t really something the locals eat at all, but it exists in restaurants mainly for tourists. Throughout the city, “whale friendly” signs were posted in various restaurants. Well, no need to kill whales on my behalf, so there went item #3.

Seems that the more traditional eats are horse meat- sweet, rich, super lean and soft– and lamb.  No horse meat consumed here, but I did eat the lamb on more than one occasion, and it was fantastic, but…different than here in the U.S.  While the flavor is similar to what we’d find back home, the texture and color reminded me more of the meat that comes off one of the smoked turkey legs you’d find at Disney or at a Renaissance fair. You know what I’m talking about.  Anyway, it was more pink than brown or red and was the most tender lamb you’d ever find.  The sheep did look extra happy as we drove through the countryside, maybe happy sheep = happy lamb?  Whatever they’re doing, they’re doing right.

Ok, lesson over.

With no list to guide our stomachs, Lettuce and I were at a loss on where exactly we were supposed to eat.  Lucky for us, our Air BnB apartment had a local restaurant guide, with links to menus and websites for ultimate menu stalking and informed decisions.  And on more than one occasion, it saved the day.  Here’s where and what we ate, most on or just off the main pedestrian street Laugavegur.  I strongly suggest you follow in our soggy footsteps.

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Sunday Somethings


Hello, Sunday.

Fall is in the air! Perhaps a bit of a delayed reaction, but I missed the first time fall was in the air here in Chicago because I was on vacation, and then this week summer had made a harsh and sticky return.  However, yesterday was the picture of perfection, and it seems this week will follow suit, and that makes me all kinds of happy. Bust out the sweats!  

I’m easing back into real life, my cold is getting better and I’m finally back into caring about being home.  I was in a serious post-vacation funk.  I just did not want to be home.  Does that happen to you?  And then I watched the news and before my eyes flashed all the horrible things vacation enabled me to forget.  London, take me back!

But then I remembered that I love my friends and I love my city, and that fun things are happening back here about which to get excited:  football, pot lucks, changing leaves and cooking allthefallfoods.  And you should get excited…lots of goodies to come.

Here are a few things I found this week.  Not too much, I was distracted by Sleepy Hollow and wading through pictures and my Bloglovin’ feed.

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