Cobbled Together: Crab Cobb Salad

I think salads can be kind of boring, which is why I think most people as a rule don’t want to eat “just a salad” (cue Seinfeld voice…just a salad. Just a salad. Anyway…). I think the flaw in the salad-shunner’s reasoning is that they’re boring. Too healthy. To blah. I think the anti-saladers just lack inspiration, and I posit that the greens they are eating probably just don’t have enough toppings. You know I love toppings.

Which is why Cobb salads are pretty much perfect. It’s like…ALL TOPPINGS.




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Figgy Fall Salad: Roasted Fig and Hazelnut Quinoa Salad


The weekend is here!!


I’m particularly excited this Saturday eve because I’m heading out east for some spahhhing with my girls, Yam and Lettuce. It’s been a little over a year since we’ve all been together, though with our daily email chains, we get by without missing a beat about what’s going on in each other’s lives. We all met SO long ago in law school, were Katrina evacuees together and have subsequently traveled around the world together. And you know, if you can travel with someone, that friendship will weather anything.

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I’m the Muffin (Wo)Man!: Boysenberry Black Walnut Muffins




I mean, who doesn’t like a muffin?

I love muffins, and actually used to eat them all the time. However, in my older age I admit that I never eat them. I’m not big on the bakery ones because they are often filled with questionable ingredients, and aren’t the healthiest. I don’t make my own because…I don’t know why. I have no good reason, but after this week’s muffin baking, I just might be changing my tune. These are healthy and tasty, and at Boysenberry Black Walnut, they are my nod to the Northwest.

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The American West

You guys!!!

I’m so excited about this food I’m paralyzed. Okay, that made me sound scared, which I’m not, but for the first time in recent memory I went grocery shopping without a plan, and ended up coming home with a bunch of seemingly random ingredients that I somehow intend to form into some semblance of delicious over the next week. This week I present to you the food of the Pacific Northwest/Western United States. Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada, Idaho and Montana.


California Dreaming at the Stagecoach Music Festival

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Sugar and Spice and Oh So Very Nice: Pumpkin Spice Hawaiian Coconut Candy

When taking suggestions from the peanut gallery on Hawaii, besides SPAM (which I’ve shot down for the moment), Apple Crisp offered up coconut candy, a favorite of hers and her hubs while on their Hawaiian honeymoon almost six years ago.


I’m intrigued.

Rarely do I make candy (ignoring the fact that I made Hokey Pokey a few weeks ago). It’s not something that I necessarily crave to make the same way that sometimes I just need to make a cake.  I also find that, depending on the type of candy, it has a small margin for error (which Orange reminded me tonight when she emailed me about burnt Hokey Pokey…) and I really don’t like it when I mess up.  Still, the coconut candy was calling my name.

So I bought a coconut.

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Saturday Supper: Alaskan Beer Bread and Spicy Smoked Salmon Chowder


Happy Saturday! How did yours shape up?


Mine is going well. Since I don’t feel pressured to get up and go to spin class at 9 am now that Nectarine no longer teaches, Saturday, for the first time in almost 7 years means sleeping in. That’s what I did today. I whipped up some muffins (stay tuned!) and headed out for errands, and then died a little in yoga sculpt.

World Market. I simultaneously love and hate it. Love it because they have everything I want in life in one store. Hate it because I went in for beer and came out $70 poorer. Whoops. And I got caught in the rain on the walk home. But I did get some cool decorative keys. Like I said, everything I want in life.

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Come On Baby, Do the Loco Moco


Breakfast! My favorite, though it seems I’ve been not so good at making different breakfast-y things. Other countries just don’t take it as seriously as I feel like we do here in the States.


In the morning, my heart belongs to the carbs. Oatmeal, sweet breads, pancakes, waffles, French toast…you get the idea. While in a perfect world I’d alternate bites of waffles with bites of bacon, I’d pick sweet over savory nine times out of ten.

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Game Time: Blueberry Bison Burgers with Pinot Noir Caramelized Red Onions


I got a text from my mom asking me about these recipes from Alaska and Hawaii, so I guess I better get to sharing!

Burgers. One of my favorite things.


Well, sandwiches are one of my favorite things, but what is a burger but a fancy name for a sandwich. Amiright?

I mentioned yesterday how Alaska’s great white wilderness provides lots of raw, fresh and unique ingredients for the eating. Game meat being one. Wild berries being another. Let’s combine them, shall we?

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Alaska and Hawaii

Up next, Alaska and Hawaii!  On to the states!


I got a last minute suggestion from someone on some awesome sounding scallops from New Zealand, so I’ll circle back to those next week. But, first, welcome back to the U.S. of A.

It’s been almost two years since I’ve cooked my own country and truthfully, I’m excited to see what the U.S. has to offer.  For as much as I’ve traveled, much of the western U.S. remains a mystery to me and I’ve yet to make it to the non-continentals.   Someday I’ll make it there, but for now, I have to settle for the food in place of the scenery.

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Sweet and Sour: Aussie Burger Chili

Saturday.  HOORAY!  I thought you’d never come.


This week seemed to go by painfully slow. Maybe it was the unseasonably cloudy weather. Maybe it was because two weeks from today I’ll be sp-ahhhhing in Northern Virginia wine country with Lettuce and Yam, and you know how work is when vacation is on the horizon. Maybe it was just one of those weeks.

What made this particular one of those weeks bearable is that Apple Crisp and I had our annual fancy pants birthday dinner. About five or so years ago, we decided that rather buy each other birthday gifts, we’d doll ourselves up and go to a nice, more expensive than usual meal to celebrate. I mean, we both love food so much. One of the many ties that bind.

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