Summer is officially in the books, and in order to remind you and me about all the great summer food options out there, I’m giving you a roundup because…almost five years of recipes means that much is oft forgotten.  

Forgotten no more.  Here we go, summer.


pineapple coconut bread | coconut bread | chai almond meal breakfast bowl | cannoli breakfast bowl|

kesksou seffa | muesli | ricotta crepes with orange curd and blueberries|

corn goat cheese pancakes with sour cherry compoteotaithai iced coffee

Oven off, grill on

jerk chicken wingsliptauer pork burgers| bobotie burgers | chicken kotleti burgers|

sweet and spicy salmon burgers| chicken sandwich with beer braised caramelized onions

grilled calamari with warm white bean salad | grilled eggplant burgers with smoky hazelnut pesto

grilled halloumi & peach salad | green curry chicken wings | cevapi

lamb curry burger | choripan with chimichurri | laotian sausage sandwich


slow cooker thai styled pulled pork | shrimp & grits

Lettuce entertain you

grilled halloumi and peach salad | warm white bean salad | fish & herb salad |

chicken salad stuffed avocados | corn & blueberry salad |

chinese ginger chicken salad | grilled greek salad | caribbean shrimp salad| panzanella| zoodle salad |spicy kimchi tuna pasta

Side stuff

baba ganoush | hummus | blueberry walnut guacamole | original guacamole

pineapple black bean guacamole | elote dip | salsa fresca | causa limena |

spring rolls with peanut sauce

Light and refreshing

red sangria | dandy shandy | ginger ade | pimms cup

thai iced coffee | yerba mate ice cream float

 Frozen Fun

yerba mate ice cream floats | caramel-swirled buttermilk ice cream | ginger ice cream |

coconut cashew brittle ice cream | macadamia nut tart ice cream |

smoked honey buttermilk ice cream | red bean frozen custard

strawberry buttermilk ice cream | saffron-rose pistachio ice cream

In season now

maple walnut fruit dip | bolo de manga | peach and raspberry pudding | peach upside down cake

tiramisu parfaits | strawberry basil eton mess |raspberry chocolate empanadas

lemon raspberry grilled cheese | victoria sponge cake


It’s time to party!

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